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Android battered, IPAD Predicted Fall

It is good for Apple has sold millions of tablets IPAD to the world. However predictable, they can not survive at the top of the tablet industry to face a wave of attacks Android-based tablet.

Gene Munster, an analyst with the operation of the investment firm Piper Jaffray state Android is the main opponent iPad. Released new version of Android and a richer choice of potential wydsbeen tablet make it the iPad.

"Just as happened in the Smartphone market, we believe Android is the strongest competitor iPad. In the long term, Android iPad tablet to take market share because there are many options from different manufacturers," says Munster.

Indeed, when the Smartphone industry, always pushing kick Android Apple's iPhone to erode. In a new Smartphone sales in the United States in August 2010, the combined sales of Android phones in the top position.

It is the basis for the analysis of Munster, which the same will happen in the tablet industry. Many vendors will release tablets IPAD predictable mainstay so overwhelmed the handle.

Android OS version 3.0 aka Gingerbread always add strength tablets Android. According to Munster, Android 3.0 will support a screen resolution of 1280x768, same as the iPad. It is easier for suppliers to make tablets big sail.

But the victories over the iPad Android take some time. According to the analysis of Munster, 2011, IPAD has a market share of 57% and 26% new Android tablets. This is similar to other predictions that the call iPad prevail next year. Likewise, as reported by Wired

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