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Exist in Twitter and Television, President Obama wandering Young Children

Expect more support from the young United States President Barack Obama even more to exist in Twitter and appeared in front of 250 students at George Washington University, USA, broadcast on television channels like MTV teen, BET and CMT.

a public opinion survey found that voters who previously supported full teen president Obama, now begins to decline. According to the latest poll by the Pew Research Center, only 27 percent of youth voters chose the Democratic Party-a party that Obama as president-sponsor. While the teenage voter supporting the Republican Party is estimated there are about 39 percent.

The President who once lived in Indonesia is even more incentive to use the facilities suspected of 140 characters platform was to keep the relationship with the electorate, especially the youth voters.

In the forum the question and answer session, Obama said that the use of the Internet is challenging because most of it is the Opera-Internet forces flowing from all places that are generally difficult to be censored and controlled.

President Obama does not become the first U.S. president who held a question and answer session on teen television programs. Earlier, former U.S. president Bill Clinton also once held a similar forum to attract youth voters on MTV in 1994.

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