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I get a lot of thumbs on facebook

Let's talk casually about a recent feature in the top social networking site Facebook. As we know together, the 'like this' has been deployed in almost all the possible views when facebook . Starting from the status updates, latest photos, notes, until the turn of any dating relationship you can claim that you welcome it only by giving the thumb.
Here are quick tips to get a lot of thumbs on facebook

1. Expand friend
2. Begin to use ethics in FB
3. Respect to each friend. Say happy birthday to those who are mourning the anniversary also say to the grieving. Just like that.
4. Improve the quality of whatever you post.
5. on time and on target in the post or to tag something.
6. Reply every wall and the message properly.
7. Do not be stingy and do not be selfish, you also must often give thumbs up to someone else.
Certainly, if the current status you are given the thumb by 25 people, then when you post photos or notes, you'll get a thumb that does not lose much. Why? Briefly, you are popular in their eyes. Once you've started to be appreciated and welcomed, continue to maintain what made you liked it

hopefully helpful

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