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Information About Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft is increasingly concerned about the security of affected users around the world. In addition to implementing to improve security in their operating system and security patches, the software giant was working to create new tools to ensure maximum protection for its users. The latter is a creation of the Anti-Virus, Microsoft One Care (MSE).

The launch is just four countries, the United States, Brazil, China and Israel (with the language of each) and limited to 75,000 downloads. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to download and MSE since its launch on 23 June 2009 had been tested, I realize their potential.

Microsoft Security Essentials is marked by a series of security applications, the entire client anti-malware, anti-virus and anti-spyware. The interface is a combination of menus, descriptions, and a number of options quickly. His visual style is very simple and elegant, much better than some free antivirus on the market (read Antivirus, Avast and AVG).

MSE is running in the background light and not obstruct the proper use and performance of the computer. Memory usage is despicable in normal use. The update in the background, so that the window can be closed anti-virus software will be made when downloading new definitions. It's much more convenient than the pop-ups from your competitors.

Despite all this easy and simple, MSE is doing very well its role of anti-virus. In the "Full" security applications scan your entire computer, detects all files and I accidentally contaminated site used for testing.

Also, the virus also run in real-time monitoring system to process folders and removable media analysis, so that everything can be detected immediately dangerous. A cool feature is the presentation of the data that is infected. MSE presents all the way to the source of the infection, identified in your engine and links to more information about malware takes place.

MSE can also be organized, the plans on the system and delete files through standard measures to detect malware and sending artifacts, the analysis of online communities, namely controlled check Microsoft SpyNet.

In short, the MSE is a very good anti-virus program, which has some weaknesses, but developed very good processing activities. I did a test on the Virtual Machine downloading infected files, access to dangerous Web sites use Office macros, among other things, and all were detected.

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