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IPhone 4G -10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Apple's Newest Product

IPhone 4G, when Steve Jobs revealed during his speech in 2010, was pleased Meeting Announcement A lot of speculation and very critical. Waarom now? Waarom so fast? Waarom need? Says these are just some of the questions die arrival of the latest model of the main line of Apple welcomed.

The Mare reviews iPhone 4G, you will want to assure that the potential users of the latest iteration of the popular handheld real, natural, real, definitely ROCKS!

Stop to pick iPhone 4G buy questions. There are many ways to print free iPhone 4G Notebook, we discuss die later. For now, a look at 10 reasons Waarom your extraordinary if the next incarnation of the world's most popular mobile phone.

1. Video calls. Says, is perhaps the most interesting side dish Apple iPhone 4G. Met has one of the front camera, video telephony possible. Making U Can Use to video conferencing, instant messaging, video calls on his door so that your chat network, video chat Toepassing Apple.

2. Sexy design. The iPhone 4G say 25% thinner and lighter and the previous models. Aesthetically, says means a slimmer, sexy design. Ie Functional, Peoplesoft says laptop meets hands - especially women - are met, the easier a time in handling product.

3. Longer battery life. These ratings for iPhone 4G, longer battery life promised Apple's door, is the clincher. Still enjoying this very much depends on the phone hoe long it could we use. With more and 30% battery life toe add to the device, we ensure a longer time, can offer new things to enjoy on the iPhone 4G.

4. Front-CAM applications. Of course, the front camera is not only good for video telephony. Kill a die applications being developed in order to benefit from this new job. Imagine a game where you bend - with the right high accuracy, as you - will be the protagonist. One of the real-time application makeover? The possibilities are endless.

5. Higher resolution. The device has a resolution of 960 x 540 size is ideal for mobile devices. HD video will look fantastic in the new OLED screen iPhone 4G. Meth En-HD audio playback door promised Apple to offer a breathtaking multimedia experience overall!

6. A better camera. Increased are most impressive and powerful to 5-megapixel camera, the latest version of the popular product to an already impressive image still remarkable! Laptop 4G models now has a flash!

7. The lowering of the price, without subscribing to meet spaces. $ 199 for 32GB to 64GB GB for $ 299, he must continue to find answers to the Vraag hoe, an iPhone without subscription. She bent Fri OM Know telecommunications network can be curved meth Dial, and you do not have to worry about the limitation Lock-ins.

8. WiFi connection is better. Our new model will eventually support 802.11n, so that it meets the current generation of parallel Rivals, Google HTC Nexus One and HD2.

9. Multitasking capabilities. Tired of the application only to a new open and close? Well, the 4G model ultimately finally; you can multitask, dying to open multiple applications simultaneously. This reaction is to check the iPhone 4G will be summarized in three words: It's Time!

10. Small Things die pack Pardoes. Unified mailbox. Toepassing A for the folder. New wallpaper and background selection. This GPS-Real is just from adding more models, much software so that the best iteration of the product built for now.

So what's the verdict of this paper is Apple iPhone 4G? It is Apple's latest products worth buying?

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