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Paul octopus die

Still remember with Paul Octopus? Long time no heard from, eight-legged animals that horrendous 2010 World Cup because his predictions are now reportedly died.

Death of Paul is explained directly by the Aquarium Sea Life Oberhausen, Germany, where he resides today. There is no weirdness found that Paul allegedly died due to aging. "Managers and staff Aquarium Sea Life Oberhausen was devastated when Paul was found dead this morning," said the aquarium in his statement.

After Paul left to go, the aquarium is now also planning to build a monument to the octopus. Name Paul became the talk of last summer after eight games in the 2010 World Cup he guessed all the telling.

One prediction is about the final fight, in which he chose the Spanish national team that finally beat the Dutch success. Before mat, Paul began to be known as listed by 80 percent accurate guesses related to Germany in Euro 2008 match.

Predicted the 2010 World Cup will be the last place mat in action because of the age factor. The average octopus can survive only up to age 3 years, whereas age was 2.5 years of age Paul.

With a record in July that it means that Paul will cover the age of around December 2010. Not too accurate, because now Paul die faster

Guess what caused the death of Paul Octopus?

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3 komentar to “Paul octopus die”

Anonymous said... on 

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

essays custom said... on 

I think there are other animals that have attempted but failed to predict the outcome of football matches; it is not remarkable that one animal is more successful than the others (including humans), and of course only the successful animal gains public attention after the fact

anyone cares?? LOL)) fuck it, I don't care, who it was??


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