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Rescue the miners - The World Gives Congratulations to Chile

Congratulations came from all over the world flowed into Chile on rescue 33 miners trapped underground for more than two months. Meanwhile, Chilean citizens rejoice in the success of the evacuation, world leaders sent messages of praise and said the miners and rescue teams as inspiration.

President Obama said the rescue of mine workers is respect for the unity and determination Chileans. In the capital Santiago people crying happy to see the last miners, Luis Urzua (54) was appointed with a rescue capsule to the soil surface from a depth of about 700 m where she and her coworkers trapped for nearly 70 days.

Iranian Foreign Ministry also gave congratulations on the rescue of all workers who are trapped deep as 700 meters below ground. It is estimated it could take between 33 hours to two days, surgical removal of all the workers it only lasted for about 22 hours and 30 minutes, on Wednesday October 13, 2010 at midnight local time

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran congratulated the families of miners, the nation and the Chilean government over rescue 33 miners, "said Foreign Ministry Spokesman Iran, Ramin Mehmanparast, as quoted by Press TV page.

In China, state media also gave praise to Chile. "For more than two months, the miners, families, peoples and governments (Chile) has created a miracle of life. Rescue operation that led to the brilliant nature of humanity," said a statement from the Xinhua news agency.

Increasingly popular

President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, including people who are very happy over 33 miners rescue operations, which more than two months buried under the ground as deep as 700 meters. In addition to fun watching the workers still alive, the rescue operation that also catapulted the popularity of Pinera.

Without hesitation, the 60-year-old president embraced the miners got out of the hole, even though they had been more than two months is not a shower. However, it did not matter for Pinera, who faithfully waited for rescue operations day and night.

According to the pages of The Telegraph, empathy shown Pinera during the rescue operation was also boosted its popularity. He seemed to use exactly the onslaught of mass media coverage, both from Chile and internationally, over the historic rescue.

Pinera is no stranger in the media business. Before elected as new president of Chile, March 11, 2010, Pinera was the owner of the Chilevision, namely a leading television stations in Latin American countries. However, in order to avoid conflicts of interest, Pinera Chilevision to sell its stake in Time Warner's network.

Pinera is one of the richest men in Chile and is the first successful billionaire was elected President in his country. Pinera personal property assets estimated at 600 million pounds sterling (about s 8, 5 trillion).
What would you say to the president of chile?

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