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BlackBerry mobile phone

Since you already have a BlackBerry or a good plan, a wise choice to make to buy one, it would be nice to get acquainted with its history. The Blackbery not happen overnight, it has a great history behind him and a long way to become your multi-tasking, QWERTY keyboard, email, always connected, Fantasy BlackBerry.

The best thing about a BlackBerry is that it never ceases to surprise for a relatively long period. With more features and applications, the BlackBerry has one of the best in the world has become. Creator and developer of the RIM BlackBerry (Research In Motion), a Canadian company dealing with telecommunications and wireless devices. RIM founder Mike Lazaridis is currently CEO of the company, and Jim Balsillie. RIM has developed various devices to work with GSM, CDMA and iDEN Motorola types of networks.

Before creating the BlackBerry, RIM with RAM Mobile Data and Ericsson designed and transformed the Mobitex data network, Ericsson Wireless Two-way pagers and wireless e-mail. RIM has made great strides in 2006, a license agreement with Information Appliance Associates, through which they entered to Blackerry PacketMac version, offered for Macintosh users. And it was free for consumers. BlackBerry is a great feature those consumers of Internet services, without really benefit from a BlackBerry.

A very interesting fact, strengthens the conviction of high-performance communication on BlackBerry devices, and that is what happened during the disaster, 9 / 11, when the entire cellular infrastructure in New York was hit too many people try to grope phone calls, all of the available bandwidth . A supplier is RIM, thanks to two-way pager.

On 18 August 2009, RIM world by the magazine Fortune's fastest-growing companies have been appointed, despite the recession. RIM had 84% sales growth for three years through the development and sales of the BlackBerry. When RIM 25 years experience acquired manufacturer and product developer, celebrated his 10th BlackBerry Birthday.

A blackBerry force makes it a must for government officials and experts in various fields, the text of the most reliable equipment and safe and sustainable services. Therefore, the BlackBerry has become a priority for consumers and business customers. He was also in society ubicuous over its application, allowing a rapid exchange of e-mail. Here is his nickname - "Crackberry", referring to cocaine, which depends on its consumers.

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