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Canon 550D Review and Recommended features

The Canon 550D DSLR announced by Canon in February 2010 for release in April 2010. The camera has a number of important improvements, including upgrades to HD video Canon 500D, 18 megapixels, and an improved measurement system much more than was previously available only in much higher price Canon 7D digital SLR.

18 megapixel images

the image quality of Canon 550D significantly improves on new models in the earlier break 12MP 15MP and 18 MP. Add to this the incorporation of the latest technology, DIGIC 4 image processor, the 500D uses the DIGIC 3 has the technology and you will notice that the photographs would be set much better.

New measurement system iFCL

The Canon 550D includes the new measurement system includes iFCL that much progress in technology to capture images. For example, the new system uses a sensor area 63 to the analysis, color and brightness while focusing on providing an accurate and consistent. It was previously available only on more expensive semi-pro Canon 7D.

High Definition Video

HD video is introduced into the range with the Canon 500D has grown and now has many improvements have taken on 1080p or 720p. The unit offers full control over frame rate, so you can capture moving images to adjust settings manually.

Improvements to ISO for low light

The 550D offers a range of 6400 standard that can be extended to the ISO 12800 standard for situations where using a flash or undesirable or prohibited. The range of photography and increase low-light image processor DIGIC 4 ensures that the grain is minimized.

Crop Film - Shoot in standard definition, without changing objectives

the new crop of movie you can record video in standard definition up to 7x zoom effectively. This is ideal for situations where you do not have time or do not want to change lenses. The function is using only the central portion of the sensor.

Improving LCD

Canon has also improved the LCD screen is still 3 great, but improves the resolution and a clearer picture for all major controls on the images as they shoot.

Improve on a strong line

The Canon 550D is fully compatible with all EF and EF-S and EX Speedlite flash accessories, so none of your existing contact lenses suddenly become unusable. Add to that improvements in the functions of control and everything starts to make the idea of upgrading to the Canon 550D a compelling choice.

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ellenreviews said... on 

Geeezzz.. I want that cam. :D

Sean Grey Hanson said... on 

Absolutely fantastic camera! Great review indeed!

Mahindra World City said... on 

Planning to buy this cam soon :) good review


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