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Eminem Biography

Eminem is a similar story with his songs, has a little bit "of censorship. Some may not be suitable for people who are too young, but here I think is very important to understand because the music, so of course seems Eminem Sun angry. Everywhere you look into his life as a child-resistant hood with cruel unstable mother dealing with the familiar look and rocky with his wife Kim, Eminem Rap, what he knows. His life is the theme of music and inexcusable. But had to pay for the training, just push it in fame, if you read in magazines like The Source and XXL. Eminem has a slow start and build a career.

Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers) was born 17th October 1972 in Kansas City, Missouri, where he lived for twelve years until he moved to Detroit. He had never spent a lot of opportunities for friends to a month because his mother has continued to get sold because of lack of reward. Eminem went to school in class 9, in which he failed three times before the break. He tried that record deal to make him famous. If you try to achieve this goal, he was a little Haile Jade Scott born 25 December 1995, a long time girlfriend Kim Scott. (Home Page Eminem) Eminem Rap remained after the birth of his daughter in 1997 Rap Olympics in Las Angeles was that in 1500 produced winners first Eminem anger was need-2 money, not knowing that has seen a number of manufacturers Interscope. He finally had a chance to show what was done by Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre was so after hearing Eminem freestyle to a radio station in Los Angeles took over the investigation impressed after Michigan Rhymer. (Home Page Eminem), a famous rap producer wanted to open doors for Eminem. The two clicked immediately, recording four songs as the first six hours of work - three who reached his first LP. (Bio Eminem.) Now officially so, Marshall and Dre are on his second album to make. This album became the Marshall Mathers LP and won three Grammy Awards and the first rap album nominated for "Album of the year and sold more than 8 million albums in the U.S. alone. (Bio Eminem.) Eminem will continue to have success with their colleagues; his career for him began, although there are still many difficult moments in the media, the mother and the relationship of conflict between him and his girlfriend. After they had broken clear who still speak a relationship or for their daughter Hailie, more than anyone else means in the world Eminem, at the time of his life. I want to improve a family with my daughter Kim and Hailie and in the right way and not cut to him as my father to me. My family is all I ever fought and everything I've always tried to protect. The only thing I fear is taken from my child. (Chuck Weiner) Eminem was also scared of a family and not sure if they have enough resources or knowledge, as well. When my daughter was born, I was so afraid that I will not be able to support herself and her like a father to rise. Its first two Christmas we had nothing, but last Christmas, when he turned three, she was so f * ckin ' presents under the tree, he openly they go on to say "This for me," My daughter was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth? But he has one now! (Chuck Weiner) Eminem can not help is to ruin his little girl in this humiliating way his mother treated him. If my mother f * ckin 'know too cruel enough that he can help me if I try to eat out of my mouth and my daughter from the mouth to me for what I do not think I keep this album try. "According to me, and now he knows I have money, so will not go away. I know that is not a good thing your mother, but unfortunately true. has (Chuck Weiner) Eminem has built up so much hatred against her mother, who during the past year in his life that he had nothing to do Hailie happy and healthy relationship between the two hold. His mother, on the other, because he does not forgive all the pain and difficulties he has thrown.

Eminem has psychologically turned 360 degrees for life. The fighting and the confusion with her mother, has never met his father to become one of the biggest success stories in the history of rap. The best example is an experiment in the management of the trouble began after Eminem would get advice from people who get to say "You know why you are knocking" and "Go play Rock and Roll" and he said, made him angry and angry and stressed all the lyrics. Eminem can be born as a child without a chemical imbalance, but after his mother threw him so much hell after she was grown, may have a chemical imbalance and can not control some emotions he feels when people do not respect him. When presented on television looks as if it were always a sad thing that had always impressed that he could be proud of their results was lucky to be in place and everything to with his childhood and his interaction with the recent terrible want to display, relatives and rivals.

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Great !!! I just begin to listen EMINEM and this info is so useful for me. Don't know lots of facts about him before


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