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Health Club Tips

We are gathered here are some tips for me in the gym marketing over the years to help the growth of spas worldwide. I also have some tips that will help the sales force quality to get your marketing efforts.

Cut lean Financial Times, many small businesses back on marketing, as we seek to reduce the cost, which is a mistake for those who do not, and a blessing for those who do not (reduced because of competition), Let's Start is the marketing and the acquisition of new contacts for the health club, we need ...

Free tickets at the Point of Sale

Free pass to work as a marketing depending on what you say when they give away. This is a gym in marketing with a twist - the language of wisdom. The trick is to give away to tell the point of sale as part of a package of gym membership and welcome the following ...

"As part of your membership we give you more than 4 people (in their hands). It is people like you to try your (important to say, 'You') club. If you go past asked for further information. Please note: there is a maximum of two free visits per person. By the way, if someone your club, because they are known, we will provide you with a debt free bi-weekly payroll / free personal training session / coupon for $ 40 (choose 'offer)

To tell you the realization of new members, which is what we call the "wow factor" should be encouraged to invite people. Then, as part of the service of your Association is a follow-up call to this question "Do you want all your guests have free admission?" remind them again.

If you register at the sale for each new member, who happens from time to time, we began to have a dramatic effect on word of mouth referrals to your club. NOTE: This process takes about three months until the full effect of so many rely on each day spent in each sale.

List boxes to the Health Club Marketing

As you have seen the letter box the fish and chip shop pizza and other local businesses a constant source of fresh leads for your club for almost no cost. If you do not want this field of marketing and competition best and cheapest drops to a beginning, a chance to win free membership for a year for racing club. For maintenance of the box, only one or two employees responsible for weekly monitoring as part of their job requires dismissed.

But the latest concept in online marketing letter drop-boxes

Most of your potential customers surf here for answers to their problems of health and beauty. Online marketing is an ideal medium, because a niche where you do not want to reach. (This article is a good example of targeting).

How to create and online Box

1. Purchase domain names (1 time fee of $ 1 - $ 15) (If you have a website for the new separate page to add)
2. Get your hosting account to host your new domain name ($ 5 - $ 30 per month) (unless you already have a web site)
3. Get a subscription service automatically e-mail respondents ($ 20 + per month).
4. Sign up for Google AdWords ads (AdWords specialists here, so you do not pay too much for clicks)
If many of which seem too much of a web designer or marketer pays for the device.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a paid advertising on Google (Google AdWords to see in action, only a Google search on any topic, and where it says "Sponsored Links" is a paid advertisement). Costs vary from 5c to $ 50 or so each click (do not worry about health club niche shots do not go to $ 50). If yes (specify the location, what you want to advertise on) in a particular search term (relevant) and local advertising on the way you pay a fee for each click.

To start: simply open a Google AdWords account and follow the instructions.

A tip: if you're from the crowd and dominate your competitors in your region you advertise definitely and paid advertising as well. Not many (if any) in the gym to do this, most just stick with Google.
Search the percentage division in January 2009 (statistics from Nielsen Online)
Google 62.8%
Yahoo 16.2%
MSN / Windows Live Search 11.2%
I suggest you take in more high quality companies in two other search engines where competition does not stop everything.

Therefore, online advertising, you need a basic website is responsible. If you do not have a website, but only for the model in the letter box at the top of your ads will follow any new leads.

Yellow Pages

How to make money for the business of Yellow Pages changed. Studies show that people often do not contact the Yellow Pages advertising, and that most people are now the Yellow Pages and a man was on his way to your website. It 'important that you live in the yellow pages, online or offline, for that reason.

Online Yellow Pages
It would be wise to invest in the list is placed on the eye to your business at the top of the page to see for the category of local search. In your efforts for money does not make use of people watching the page to save you, especially if you are in an area with many competitors. What happened to the Yellow Pages on line, most buyers of the first ad or two clicks and then shows the yellow pages before it down the rest of the list, look in the garden. It is worth to be a list at the top. This investment has paid for itself ten times, though.

Yellow Pages Online
I suggest you invest in an ad written by a professional copywriter. Addition to the irresistible call to action, how to contact us for a chance '(a bit') / report free food and free fitness consultation (you) win "Get. Rende (literally) to stand out and others something of value for free as a "call to action" Your ad does not appear in the eyes of the buyer to do. And yes, sell the best advertising more, and the best answer! Do not be greedy. Great ads for your attention.

To the right formula for the number of Yellow Pages
1. Obtain a copy of a professional writer to write your ad
2. Add a call to action, for example. "Call now for a free evaluation fitness reports, etc."
3. Buy a large display (which will be a better online advertising pays more)
NOTE: If the Yellow Pages representative to point out that you change your ad professionally design is complete, you must tell them that they have changed! I'm serious! It's not your business it’s often repeated, that are not considered marketer or copywriter. The ad above is a winning formula (try it for me this year).

Local Yellow Pages offer (if you have a text listing only)
Make sure that in bold capital letters. If your business is in plain text, looks like all around you, so how can a buyer it is different from club to bigger and better? The biggest and best by a dense (heavy costs just a little 'more money, we're talking maybe $ 20 - $ 40 per year).


for former members still on the plate, I suggest you just ran a special offer exclusively for them. Everybody is doing is a duty-free, a free month membership to give the possibility of a means to prove ourselves to them. Enter (and do not hesitate to use words in the last sentence in your e-mail and letters) for funding. Then you are a Ph.D. in automatic e-mail campaigns and outbound e-mail (and again I propose to take copywriter for qualified management e-mails, letters and envelopes). This offer gives you the option of the members go back and do a better job this time to keep winning. Then, in future, you can use this method; he lost every month for members of the previous month (obviously not the people via e-mail, which was canceled by motion or disease).

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