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The Japanese Yen

Japan has the second lowest birth rate in the industrialized world. Another problem is that their life expectancy is rising. Parents are quickly becoming the largest segment of the Japanese population. 20 percent of the population of Japan is now more than 65 years, while here in the U.S., a set of 65 or more only 12 percent. It is not an insignificant number in every respect, but if the size of a population comparison between the two, 20 percent of Japan are startling figures.

Low birth rate, a smaller workforce and smaller tax bases are. While the economy, companies pay less tax. Aging of the population use their social security, health care and pensions. These are costs that arise directly inherited from the government.

Japan's recession began 20 years ago. Since then the government has poured billions into the banking system in their emergency plans and recovery plans. This month, the state could encourage every citizen a check for 12,000 yen (about $ 120) in another experiment, the false economic growth. Further 20 billion U.S. dollars down the drain.

Japan has succeeded in lending in the debilitating budget deficits and creates the world. Japan, owe $ 7800000000000 creditors (157,000 $ per person) and expects a further loan of U.S. $ 1.100 billion to remain solvent.

Public debt to GDP is used to compare the debt of the nation. In Britain, the public debt to GDP, 48 percent. USA has a debt ratio to 75 percent. Japan has a debt ratio increase of 187 percent to 217 percent at the end of 2009. Japan's economic chaos.

You have an economy based almost exclusively on exports, which suffered from severe depression, with a global recession and debt reduction. Over the last six months of this year placed $ 250,000,000,000 U.S. dollars of exports was lost, its first trade deficit in 12 years. For each increase of 1 percent of the value of $ 400 billion yen loss in export revenue. He has no choice other than a wholesale devaluation of the currency. It is now clear that the Japanese government paid back in a position to money owed.

Walkoczy Ray is president and CEO of Hyland Financial Group, LLC, in Highland Park, New Jersey. He has over 18 years experience in commercial mortgages, commercial loans, options and commodities trading.

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