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Jesus loves me

"Jesus loves me, I know, because the Bible says ...." If GLBTI or Q, in which case We Say That Jesus is everything, but love me. Now is the time to right - sorry, Pls the selection. ESPECIALLY GLBTIQ Jesus loves her children - Because the Bible says so!

Protestant Bible is like a library, consisting of 66 books, written by 40 authors over a period of about 2000 BC to about AD 70. It is divided into the Old Testament Old Testament (before Christ) and New (AD). In 66 books, 1.189 chapters, there are about 31.273 verses. Final division into chapters and verses that are only about 500 years was done to facilitate the consultation. They are not part of the original text.

That I believe Scripture is inspired of God is true and the contains the truth That God wants us to know. Also I think that the translation of dealing with the text, in which he notes May be comparable with the original word, and the meaning of words are Sometimes lost or altered.

Translations are provided in good faith by God-fearing man, eager to do Their Best to bring to the Embassy of God written, Because They understand Their current knowledge of local languages, customs, traditions and culture of biblical times, and with Their loss, says in his understanding of the basis of what They think the Bible, the original. None of us grew up in a vacuum, and it is impossible not let our preconceived beliefs that influences our understanding. If the translators of the view that homosexuality is wrong, as the Scriptures, seeking the views must be translated. New research shows that their beliefs are wrong.

As the concept of homosexuality as an orientation that is known about a Hundred years, on that basis alone, We Know That the "Six shots verses" against homosexuals is not homosexuality as a call management. They relate to the acts of the same sex, the in many cases done by heterosexuals, and therefore "Unnatural."

There is no word in the Bible, Greek or Hebrew (the original language of the Bible), which the word "homosexual." The 1946 Revised Standard Version (RSV) is the first translation of the Bible uses the word "gay".

There is no word in biblical Hebrew or Greek for "sodomy." Sodomy is an inhabitant of Sodom and Torontonians resident of Toronto. Only after the Emergence of institutional hierarchies in the Church of Sodom and Gomorrah is not just with homosexuality and sodomy, "an Identified word in use. Every translation is the word" sodomy "or" sodomy "is interpretations and not a fair presentation of original Writings.

If homosexual acts are mentioned, this is the tradition of the ritual, the focuses on improving the small Jewish population, or is a code of purity for the priests, or temple prostitution (idolatry) is associated in these infidels Often surrounded the Jews, or do with rape, power and authority to do so, as the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

none of the six verses Used to beat "against homosexuals refers to a relationship of love Between two people, but you cans find examples of same-sex love stories are beautiful and romantic, Ruth and Naomi, a part of what marriage is most commonly Uh was Used and Between two women.

"And Ruth said: Do not leave me (Naomi), [or] back, as you go and Nowhere I'll be back, I ask uterus [for] my people the Lord thy God: If you die, die and be Buried there. Men do it for me, and even more, [Pls], but the ti me to death, "Ruth 1:16-17

- And David and Jonathan

"Jonathan was knit with the soul the soul of David, and Jonathan loved uterus as his soul." I Samuel 6:01 (b)

"Your love is my most precious love of women." II Samuel 1:26 (b)

Jesus never mentioned homosexuality. They made us feel like the worst sin on earth, but Jesus never said that! He speaks of adultery and Divorce, Greed and many other Things, but he never mentioned homosexuality. Instead, ignore - as if homosexuality is an abomination - in other words, usually associated with homosexuality, which was translated incorrectly. The correct interpretation of the "atrocities," he said in relation to dirt and is usually with idolatry, not associated with Sexuality.

The Bible has been used to abolish Slavery and segregation, support for the Jews and the dictatorship of Hitler to justify the support. He uses mixed Marriages, to keep the Ku Klux Klan, an order for women to run as a witch in order to Avoid Medical Interventions and related forms of intolerance and discrimination against women and sexual minorities, and not for the bloody battle in the which is accomplished Christ's name mentioned. The Catholic Church has 359 years to admit he was wrong Pls They accused Galileo of Heresy and condemned to death "if not uterus, that the earth revolved around the sun withdraws Oh yeah! The Bible is often misunderstood and bad years and has been misunderstood on the topic of homosexuality.

Love of Jesus is included! His friends were the resource not the Pharisees and Sadducees of faith, always tried to get them to violate the letter of the law - which he did often. Jesus makes it clear that the law is only love.

Jesus once asked, "Teacher, which commandment in the law? He said." Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all thy soul and with your entire mind this is the great and first and second is like "Love thy neighbor as thyself." On these two Commandments hang all the law and the prophets, "Matt. 22:36-40

If the above does not agree with the great Commandments of Jesus, then what you said wrong. God's love is for everyone, especially GLBTIQ's! Jesus was the first to reach the people oppose. Jesus reached out to us.

"It is never legitimate to use the words of Scripture to promote a program without love." - Rev. Dr. Peter Short, Moderator of the State Church in Canada

"God so loved the world That Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, Freely given, to uterus. Uh That Marshall believeth not Perish but have everlasting life" John 3:16

Jesus is my friends’ hated tax collector, Who Are not trained prostitutes and lepers. There is only logical that your time with us gay, if he were the resource persons here today to bring! To laugh, Because God has a plan for your life and "Jesus loves you, I know because the Bible says so."

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