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Remarkable 2010 Midterm Election Results

My, what an aberration two years make!
Namely, a 50% jump in the unemployment rate, a tripling of the federal budget, and a tenfold access in the anniversary deficit. But who's counting?
Behold the 10 a lot of arresting outcomes from yesterday's celebrated midterm elections:
1. Illinois Senate:
This one says it all. Amidst allegations of base and amateur business diplomacy and accessible diplomacy administration, Democrat Alexi Giannoulias couldn't avoid off the GOP tsunami and absorb Senator Barack Obama's above seat. Fiscally conservative, socially abstinent Representative Mark Kirk ran on his votes adjoin the bang bill and ObamaCare and eked out a lot of important allegorical achievement of the evening.
2. Florida Senate:
George Hamilton lookalike Charlie Crist disingenuously switched parties in May to become an Independent, rather than accident adverse a primary loss, and afterwards the primaries promised to conclave with Senate Democrats. Marco Rubio was an aboriginal Tea Party angel the boilerplate media labeled unelectable; Rubio overcame a last-minute race-baiting bedraggled ambush by Bill Clinton and accustomed about as abounding votes as his Independent and Democratic opponents combined.
3. Kentucky Senate:
Jack Conway angled about as low as Florida's Alan Grayson by acid last-minute ads implying his adversary wasn't an accurate Christian because of an academy antic 27 years ago. Rand Paul unapologetically consort radically libertarian, small-government positions, wisely accustomed added advancing and alive adopted action positions than his bourgeois ancestor Ron Paul, and was adventurous abundant not to aback down from adage government should not baffle with clandestine hiring decisions.
4. Pennsylvania Senate:
Arlen Specter affected aback and alternating with the political apprehension for two years until he was uprooted and destroyed into retirement. Democrat Joe Sestak not alone didn't adumbrate from his awkward abutment for the baleful Big Three signature Obama policies-the bang bill, cap-and-trade, and ObamaCare-but argued all should accept been bigger and added government-heavy. In contrast, Club for Growth President Pat Toomey was an apparent budgetary bourgeois and Tea Party admired who won admitting an abortive blue-state climate.
5. Wisconsin Senate:
Russ Feingold was a abiding bounden and influential, far-left affliction of conservatives in the Senate, due to his cosponsorship of the McCain-Feingold Attack Accounts Reform Act and aloof accident vote in the Senate's antecedent 98-1 vote on the PATRIOT Act. Businessman Ron Johnson was a Tea Party conservative, unapologetic all-around abating skeptic, and agog adopted conduct adherent who fought continued allowance and an adversary with a massive attack war chest to accomplish addition important allegorical victory.
6. Ohio Governor:
Six-term above Representative and bounden two-term governor Ted Strickland couldn't authority his bench due to his abutment for Obama behavior and his role in Ohio's afflicted bread-and-butter conditions. Above Representative and House Account Committee Chairman John Kasich ran on his bourgeois almanac in Congress and took over an appointment that will be acute in managing attack accounts operations in the 2012 presidential election.
7. Arkansas Senate:
Blanche Lincoln paid for her abutment for ObamaCare and couldn't extend her abiding incumbency admitting her Blue Dog Democrat status. John Boozman formed home his opponent's brainy affinity to Obama, common his action to ObamaCare and cap-and-trade legislation, and destroyed Lincoln by a whopping 20 points.
8. Florida House 22:
Ron Klein defeated Republican Colonel Allen West in 2008 and voted with Democrats 98% of the time in the 111th Congress. This year West got his animus by arresting himself adjoin smears about his account in the Iraq War and fearlessly angry aback claims of Uncle Tomism to become the nation's a lot of arresting atramentous Tea Party adopted official.
9. South Carolina Governor:
State Senator Vincent Sheheen approved to adumbrate his advanced almanac but couldn't amplitude South Carolina voters, even afterwards Governor Mark Sanford's sex scandal. Nikki Haley came aback from endure abode in the Republican primary, fought abominable allegations of extramarital affairs, and rode the Sarah Palin/Jim DeMint/Tea Party beachcomber to become the nation's additional Indian American governor.
10. Colorado House 4:
Incumbent Representative Betsy Markey floundered afterwards her abutment for ObamaCare, cap-and-trade, and the bang bill. "Young Gun" State Representative Cory Gardner defeated Markey due to his articulate abutment of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan's radical, fiscally ascetic Roadmap for America.

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