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Volcanic Eruption in Iceland - Can it affect Your Garden or Your Vegetable Patch?

They influence volcanic eruptions in recent years under a glacier in Iceland Eyjafjallajokull my garden or my vegetables? The simple answer is that it might be a little more personal, I think it's a long shot, in other words, what may not adversely affect your garden.
Let's start with a look at the facts. This volcano erupted in Iceland. Ash clouds drift in the direction of Europe and led to something, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Norway and Denmark for their air space, no other 9 / 11 in the area. Ash to the east by the atmosphere, wind, water flows down to accelerate the use of aircraft and fuel available. The plague is not yet complete.
OK, they are the most important facts, and do not forget that I am a gardener, a scientist, so all have opinions and not scientific fact.
Volcano has erupted and continues. There are also fears that the outbreak could be much larger volcano might next year, which broke the situation worse. Now there is nothing we can do. If so, then, and we can do nothing, and if that happens, more ash into the atmosphere.
During this axis can cause problems for jet aircraft such as the fact that European airspace is closed, it seems the problem in my garden? Now you can think of ash in the air, but remember that it eventually fall to the ground. We see the disaster as the film on television choking ash fall and break the roof of the building, but the ashes scattered in the upper atmosphere, and when he fell to the ground they spread on the floor... We are not responsible for all that happened to the thickness of the shaft at the local level; at Mount St. Helens erupted in the U.S. for several years. What we have, closing the shaft, which is not evident, and at the top of the soil. This can cause problems. We all know that volcanoes toxic chemicals such as sulfur, sulfur powder, but I know what I will light when the dust by using them during the winter, it will be a problem to be related. Ash was thick enough to cause problems.
It probably will not see when he finally fell to the ground. I also read some studies show that beneficial for your garden. Everything in your garden grows in the ground or something that comes out of the ground. OK, so you can grow in peat, but in the soil such as peat, compost can be removed cultivated. All the floors in your garden come from molten rock at a time. Developed at a point on the globe of the earth's crust and molten rock from this liquid. One could argue that the ground is very sandy and sand from the sea. Yes, but only to the weathering of rocks every time the volcano on the seafloor. So somewhere in your phone, you ground volcanic rock. I have even shown that volcanic ash is an additive for improving clay soil than sand. This will help in the field of volcanic ash into the sand and clay, instead of breaking, quick and efficient. It is also good moisture to be much better, like loose sand. I've also read that if volcanic ash from the explosion of hate molten rock bubbles effectively small pieces of glass and snails crawling over them. I want some, and I want them for me, to avoid the worm.
Two final points to note that where you are depends on what you can to influence your garden. In the U.S., it seems, you can avoid the consequences of this eruption can be seen. Western Europe, but it does not look to look like a problem. Further east, there is having little or no control. My brother lives in Australia and I doubt he'll show you something, for it is far from Iceland, as have the other hemisphere.
Finally, some changes in the weather, but it are not possible at this time. When Krakatoa erupted in 1883, is a major eruption could be more than 2000 miles to be heard and is the largest eruption in modern history (I think). The impact on estimates for 5 years had a lower temperature. Well, this outbreak also blocks some sunlight for a while. Note the use of certain words, but if it be not much.
In general, I do not think it shows the ability to forget a real impact on your property, so you think about it, whether large or long-term effects of this eruption.

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I think that farmers attributed the death of cattle and sheep in that area to poisoning from this eruption, which modern analysis identifies as fluoride poisoning.

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I think the eruptive process that builds these structures, originally inferred in the paper, begins with volcanic growth below the glacier.

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I think the volcanic activity will make the vegetables are bad.


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