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The Most Popular Facebook Emoticons

It is difficult to determine the facebook chat emoticons are the best because everyone has their own opinion. Several people use Facebook to maintain different things, of course, not all have the same emoticons. Some are cautious when talking to her lover, while others use only the most basic chat emoticons, smiley.

Others enjoy looking for cool emoticons in your chat session to use. For them it's just boring regular smiley. There are many unusual symbols, which can be used up, so that these people have many options. What style you chat, you are sure to use some smileys or emoticons you want to find out. And here is a list of some of the smilies are the best.

# 5: Shark symbols

Symbols shark is one of the emoticons for the hottest day. This is something that simply has gained popularity. Many styles to reflect back to the '80s, icons, so that the sharks right in f after all, the movie Jaws was very popular at that time.

# 4: Penguin Emoticon

If you think fun, nothing can be lost by a penguin? They are simply adorable, like the penguin one reason emoticons have become so popular, his lately. Penguins are very popular in the winter months, so you can expect to see increased use these emoticons in this period.

# 3: Pacman symbols

In keeping with the theme of 80 years and more, Flash, we were back to a time when Atari's most popular game and everyone was excited about the game Pacman. This adorable yellow boy could not have much time to play again came back but as a symbol of nostalgia for those who grew up in the 80s or just love to play. Use emoticons in chat messages Pacman is a good way to get back old memories.

# 2: Heart Symbols

Of course, one of the most popular emoticons on Facebook heart. This is because Facebook will, often by people who are romantically involved. In addition to sending liver lovers to send them back and forth many Facebook users heart when it comes to someone special is coming for others. This is the heart symbol is very popular. At any rate, love rules the world.

# 1: Smiley Emoticon

Yes, this is still the number one and most likely will be a basic smiley. It appears that any person who uses it. They began inserting smileys in their little chat after it has been shown chat. This is a good way to show your feelings when the text can not show the point at himself. Sometimes it will be clear from reading to express the mood to type the message you are trying, especially if you sarcastically. There is emoticon for every emotion possible, but the most popular are still the smiling face of the base.

to make smileys and emoticons chat experience more satisfying. You can use the five icons at the top and emotes to start when you do not ever tried before and add it to your repertoire as you see fit. If you are an emoticon for a favorite that is not listed here, you have a comment and let us know.

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