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Real True Beauty

Every day young girls and women are bombarded by unrealistic media images of women. Advertising on television shows, Miss America contest, and movies are all responsible for low self-esteem image that many women face today. On average, women are "beautiful" is described as slim, flawless skin and large breasts. The fact is that many women do not think the skin is not perfect, not big breasts. Why do not fit into the picture of this "ideal" of beauty, many women believe that they are not attractive and not attractive to men. This article dismiss this conviction of the beauty in the media to discuss what is really beauty, as different ideas about the beauty of the world, and what people really think about beauty.

As many know, there are two kinds of beauty, outer beauty and inner beauty. Outer beauty or physical attraction is the kind of beauty that is addressed largely through the media. Unfortunately, the media, the physical properties of the most extreme. Women 'Beautiful', on average, have perfect skin, perfect body, and the ideal weight for women in the real world feel insecure and unwanted. Unfortunately, the media cannot be ignored. E 'everywhere. This was on TV, radio, movies, commercials and even children's toys. For this reason, it is important that we start focusing on the importance of inner beauty for young girls and women. Inner beauty is often ignored in media coverage, including psychological factors such as personality, intelligence, decency, and personal appearance. Instead should focus on the physical properties unattainable young women will be reached on the inner beauty focus.

Easier said than done, right? In today's society is the pressure of a beautiful woman has become stronger than ever. Unfortunately, most women do not focus on inner beauty, as it should. Yes, ladies, here are two suggestions. The first is the media representation to be ignored. There are very few women in the world that really fit the profile of a woman in the media. Even women who have been on television, are often modified and painted to the way they look. The second point to be noted that the ideas of beauty are always changing. Beauty changes from time to time and from place to place. What good is a person who is not beautiful to another? For example, in Western culture, a longer neck cannot be considered a great feature. Nevertheless, the Kayan tribe of Thailand believes that the long neck is an ideal of beauty. I'm so in love with the idea that women have a long neck to look for brass rings around her neck like an elongated shape. This shows how different cultures have different ideas of beauty. The same is true of many people within the same culture. What can a beautiful American Association for the others not be beautiful?

In addition, most men in western cultures have different ideas of beauty than women. If you ask what a woman would do better, he would often describe the physical properties, such as better skin, better hair and bigger breasts. The men talk but not often, when asked what are the physical characteristics of beauty. Research has shown that people believe in happiness and health to make women beautiful, not physical characteristics.

Regardless of place and time, standards of beauty that is always there. Unfortunately, the media presentation of young women is the beauty ideals achieved that to destroy the self esteem of girls and women. Instead of trying to live this moment realistic goals, understand the beauty that is not static. Everyone has a different idea of beauty. If someone is not enough, others. In addition to focusing on your inner beauty. If you have to shine your inner beauty, you will be happier and healthier by the goal to win the perfect man!

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