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Tips For A Happy Christmas

January is traditionally one of the most active years for family lawyers. The volume of new customers for advice on divorce is higher than at any other time of the year. There is no doubt many reasons for this arises from marriage dispute, but a period of extended leave, at home, remained together in bad weather, the pressure on a happy time and the arrival of the first heavy credit card bills for extravagant Christmas year have spent New conspire to expand existing fault lines in terms of the unbridgeable chasm. Here we see the (semi-) serious problems that divorce lawyers often hear in January, and offer our ten tips to avoid a disastrous marriage.

1. Do not believe your wife when she says she wants nothing this year. This may choose to comment on your total inability to think what you have in the past few years, but it is certainly one to test the imagination and attention of your attention on what he hinted for months. Of course, what he really said was that he did not want (long) this year. Could the test and your toast.

2. Ask your wife in a lot of time, what he really wanted as a gift, carefully, and then buy it and give it to him. Do not argue with the cost, just thankful for the clear concise guide risk free. Flowers and a box of chocolates purchased before midnight on Christmas Eve, do not cut all night in Tesco on the way home from a few drinks with the young man.

3. Do not settle for moving into television on Christmas Eve and until the New Year's Day. A man who has never made a mistake and was surprised when his wife appeared with her suitcase. He also brought garden shears to cut the plug out of the television, taking with him (along with all other appliances in the house) while walking out the door.

4. Do not buy your husband's socks and handkerchiefs for Christmas under all conditions. He may also need, however, although useful, are not funny. Provision already doing it for a few weeks before you can get for sale in January. Golf Equipment not. Walking around Golf Discount Store for many hours was the only time he derived pleasure from shopping and did not want to miss.

5. Sky do more of what you want to see on television. Then you can give your wife the TV remote control only during the time without a sense of frustration or irritation. This is very good, and you never know who could bring something to your taste. Or you can take a nap or playing with new socks and handkerchiefs instead.

6. Do not tell your wife that you set the improvement of the overdraft, to reduce the financial burden during the holiday season. Bank overdrafts that are not free, as always explain to a woman after she immediately wrote a check for the new boundary and is paid directly to his personal savings account.

7. Do not let a woman breakfast in bed on Christmas morning. This should * Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and a bottle of champagne decent. * (See next page, and from his perspective, the offensive book, Delia's "How to Cook" They gave us last year was in our experience, a place near Delia is an important aspect on the part of women, because with men.)

8. Do not take the animals for a walk on Christmas to remove them from under the feet of your wife. You will also get extra points if you take the dog.

9. NO to in moments of sweetness and in the spirit of the first net to recognize the New Year with a dangerous temptation to pull the girl typing on party offices. It will never get well and can be calculated for you discarded in the next 20 years. Next he might feel obliged to make a similar commitment to you. Not a good idea.

10. Have a Merry Christmas, but if you do not divorce lawyers hope that the new year.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

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my mum got me one for christmas :D

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to minky love santer christmas claus ... genius


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