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Wikileaks and the Federal Government

U.S. war on terror "has always been a major problem worldwide. Support said that it needed secure the world to make compared to say, this is another attempt by the U.S. strengthen the position of the international political economy at the expense of other nations.

Since its founding in 2001, the U.S. has enough capital to its war effort data, and they say a hell of a job in the world "free". There are reports that the Americans really on the losing side, but the relationship are a bit "annoying.

But on 25 July this year published more than 92,000 confidential files containing information about the U.S. war effort. site is that, as the name suggests, believing the leaking confidential information, that there should be know to the public. 92 000 reports of the one originally proposed by the U.S. government itself. But in one way or another, to find a way to get them and publish them on the web.

Now show, after reading the report that in the last ten years in continuous operation in Afghanistan, the U.S. spent more than 300 billion. However, it seems that the Afghan rebels are now more than ever.

This report says, the Taliban could now portable heat-seeking missiles to shoot down any U.S. aircraft have been. In addition, some unmanned aircraft from Air Force SU is very reliable and have fallen in many parts of Afghanistan. This could potentially give rise to an insurgency in Afghanistan, military technology because it changes reminded that can not explode engineer. In short, the whole world knows that the U.S. is a great job making terrible.

Now, the blog, "the White House condemned the loss of data as" harmful "for the war effort, which is ultimately bad for the national interest. But then, what is to begin the U.S. national interest?

The national interest to continue the war lost the cost of our nation billions of dollars in budget deficits? For the same reason why we can not afford to send our children to school, to provide jobs for unemployed people and social security for those who pay for the suffering?

If it is the national interest, it is not too interesting. It is time for the Government to show the real value of America, without the warmongers.

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