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Beginners Guide to the Green Hornet

The honey bee green masked super heroes were created and designed by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker in 1930. This is a radio program that created this character. In 1940 the character was also broadcast on television. Green bees do with people in different incarnations. Bee green on both Superman and Batman. Also known by only some of these data is the precursor of all superheroes. This is a radio program of the United States, that first the bees. The radio program ran from '31 5th January 1936 December 1952 and attended the Second World War.

After several years of the transfer was initiated in the city than by the people as the greatest criminals. These people create an image of green bees kill people for him; enjoy the official details of the loss of an unlawful profit. But all this does not stop with the director and producer of the series of radio play. The character is always accompanied by a bodyguard or driver. Reid is the author of bee green. Changes to the personalities and green bee was had by people after the world witnessed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, observed, came from other serious national problems and concerns are valid because of the unexpected disaster. Kato is Britt Reid in 1939, "the Japanese minister" in the opening story known. But then it was a "faithful servant" Reid. But in June 1941, Reid "Filipino girl" to "strike-profit" on the radio was the only bee said.

The first was on TV in the episode of the same name, sponsored by the ABC Television Network in the United States. It was Hornet on TV in 1966-1967, featuring Bruce Lee as Kato and Van Williams as Britt Reid, The Green. It was the delivery of the whole world loved by everyone in the world. Although the strip was published in December 1940 Helnit Comics (Holyoke) is started. And Fran Striker as part of a story for the reader. This book is one of the most difficult books on the market

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