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Chinese New Year 2011 Rabbit Year Essentials

Important facts about the Chinese New Year in general and the Rabbit coming New Year (2011) designed to help you enjoy the celebration of Chinese New Year even more exciting!

Chinese calendar is due to De Huang, Yellow Emperor, which was founded around 2700 BC and Rabbit Year 2011-12 was the year 4707 based on this.

Animals and the elements

Fourth year of the beginning of a new cycle of 12 years (as usual) with the Year of the Rat in 2008, followed by (as usual) for the Year of the Ox and Tiger, 2009 and 2010 respectively. February 3, 2011 saw the beginning of the end of the Bunny January 16, 2012. Each cycle of 12 years has been repeatedly amended by Year Element energy at the base up to 10 Elemental cycle of the parallel (where repeated sequence 5 Elements Yin and Yang fashionable then) (1). Rabbit Year 20011-12 energy modified by Yin (small) Metal - 5 Elements Qigong enthusiasts already have some understanding, every element and feature attribute an important role in the constitution (and universal) human being - a summary of the quality after each item.

Attributes of the five elements

Wood Green, growth and expansion, retention, 'spirit' of flexibility;

Fire: red, heat, light, heat, explosives, destruction;

Earth: yellow, supportive, interactive, balanced, wise, to strangle;

Metal: White, strong, communicative, brilliant and intense. Dangerous damage (2010 and 2011 Annual Element);

Water: blue / black, interior, emotional, understanding, sensitive and annoying.

Rabbit Year 2011-12

After a chaotic year Tiger (2010-11), the metal element with the campaign of society, with conflicts and crises in the global supply of money, and the national currency, Rabbit year provides a welcome rest and rest (need to prepare for the upcoming Year of the Dragon). Yin Metal, Element, has shown particular attention to preserving personal, not national, and financial and fields. Things and cultivation in these and others should more relax, informal and relaxed for the individual (even if too weak, especially in financial terms by avoided). Element Year, Small (Yin) Metal should serve to increase this problem and be more durable as the year’s progress.

Look at the full moon and you (like China), where Rabbit, standing under a tree, the claws that the elixir of life to keep. Of their reproduction, we never see the rabbit in the deficit in the world so that the rabbit is a symbol of longevity China - a more important place this month through a link with the reproductive cycle of the moon. So life is a good topic to think during the Rabbit Year.

Lunar Lights

Yuan Tan, Chinese New Year Festival, from the moment when the moon rises two New Year's Eve (the first was 28 days to 13 and the last lunar month of leave) as a celebration of the launch of the new moon cycle. Mon month is actually 29.5 days and if the Chinese insert an extra month basis (7 every 19 years) is suspected of a party in motion, with different start and end of each year.

The celebration begins with the first appearance Crescent (or festival of its kind in the world until New Year's Day) with fireworks, martial arts performances and, of course, the Lion and Dragon dance, especially in the West, in ' China Town 'larger cities. In Sheffield, England (my home), people look out for Sheffield Chinese Lion Dance Team (including myself) on the London Chinatown Lion Dance Team Shaolin Fist My Dear Master (Grand Master Yap Leong) is always at the forefront the celebration.

Wherever you are, if you have the opportunity, I hope you go to get involved and enjoy the party. Yes, "Kung Hei Fat Choy!" Xin Nien Leur Kuei "After a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

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