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Gabrielle Giffords Shot

Gabrielle Giffords Congress in critical condition after being shot in the head.

Besides Gabrielle Giffords, a further 19 people between a federal judge and a ten-year-old girl were killed, died. Murderer in the person of Jared Laughner, a man who is 22 years now been identified in prison.

A terrible event and we waited for news about the state of the Congress. Although the immediate reaction is that it was triggered by the partisans of the right, let the judgments up to a better understanding of the motivations of the shooter. For those of us gun culture generates hatred in this country, regardless of the cause yet another example of obsession, the fear instead of trust.

Make this last shot, a high-profile target for the biggest title of shooting almost every week now, will no doubt fuel the old arguments. It was the tragedy of a number of weapons, a culture of violence, or caused some mad and crazy? But as the fire, oxygen, fuel and spark is needed, the random force of arms to the needs of all three factors. Since the sensor anti-American culture and people will always be with us crazy, I know what I wanted to break the cycle. I will get heavier guns.

The violence on Giffords Congress (and us), direct connection to the New York Times article about the decision of the State committed Supt. Schools shut down the Tucson Mexican-American studies program. Arizona politicians foment violence and their types must be responsible. As a U.S. Justice Department moved to Alabama in 1960 to ensure justice and freedom for all, it's time the Justice Department moved to Arizona to ensure that our citizens enjoy equal rights Latino.

All that we can know is to pray for the life of the Giffords. To pray that our children one day have a better country, a country where access is not allowed to fire weapons.
God bless America.

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