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Innovate the Steve Jobs Way

In a recent webinar, "Innovation Way Steve Jobs: 7 Principles Insanely otherwise successful Breakthrough" with Carmine Gallo seven principles for the innovations he has learned from Steve Jobs learned over the years. Webinar was the beginning of his book The Secrets of innovation Steve Jobs: wildly different principles for successful innovation. I find it very useful for a webinar to help to read the book and I've incorporated what I learned in a webinar with what I learned from that book. I also extend what I wrote in my previous post. This book provides concrete examples of how Steve Jobs and innovative authors conducted several interviews with former employees of Apple.

In support of what he says in the book, Carmine Gallo also sees what other successful innovators do. He defined innovation as "new way of doing things that produce positive change." How can you innovate the way your work? What is the innovation taking place in other areas that may be transferred to you?

Carmine Gallo has seven principles of innovation based on what he learned from the study of Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple's lead. Innovation secret Steve Jobs has 15 chapters, one and two introductory chapters devoted to each principle. Although this book presents a wealth of information on innovative solutions to deal with Steve Jobs, there are many other examples of innovation in the same manner and to succeed.

A principle: do what you like

the passion is everything, and when he will face the inevitable setbacks. Obsessed and improve the area that you love. To succeed, the passion is not enough - just follow your obsessions, tailored to their skills and focus on what you can make money. What is calling you and your destiny? How can you change the world?

A simple formula has happened = Passion + market + Skill needs

Principle Two: Put Dent in the Universe

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. Have a vision, because innovation can not happen without one. What is the bigger picture and realize its vision with the fans that your idea a reality to share. How does your product or service will change the world? How can you show the world a better place than they found? As the life of your best customers?

Quote Margaret Mead, "A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. It is the only thing I have ever," sums up this principle.

Principle Three: Kick Start Your Brain

Try our experiences and new, and bombard them with your brains. Who does something special that you can learn? Steve Jobs teaches the Four Seasons Hotel and a Mercedes Benz because they were like when it comes to excellent customer experience. Jobs introduces the Apple Store Concierge Service is based on what they learned from observing the Four Seasons Hotel.

An important part of this principle is to make connections between different things and force myself beyond the comfort zone of your body and mind. To live the vision requires creative thinking, which requires immersion in new experiences.

New experiences to broaden your thinking. Surround yourself with people of different cultures. Experiment and try new things. Do two things you have done differently to change the way you deliver your product or service to improve?

Principle Four: Selling Dreams No products

understand your customers and help them realize their dreams. Get to know them better than they know. How can you change the world your customers? Creating an exceptional customer satisfaction and market.

Your customers often do not know what they want, so one of the pillars as a marketing guru Seth Godin said he expected what they need before them. This twist on the concept of a building and will be, to build and convince them that they came from.

Principle 5: say no to 1000 things

Take the road less traveled. Eliminate interference so you can concentrate on core products. Eliminate the interference of the customer experience. Do not spread yourself too thin, and go for simplicity. Steve Jobs said Nike CEO Mark Parker, "Down with the bad things and focus on good things." Go for simplicity and elegance.

Simplify and focus on product offerings and services. What is the best? What do you do something really good? Focus and simplify.

Principle Six: Insanely Great experience

Make an emotional connection with customers. What are five ways to enrich the lives of your customers? What do you have a relationship with your customers? Look outside your industry, for example. Creating a memorable experience you fanatical fans. Prior to innovate, keeping customers in the eye of your mind, and go from there.

Principle: The Master of Posts

Effectively communicates your vision. Innovation in all manner of communicating the vision. What are a master presenter and communicator to do? Imitate. A great storyteller, and consistent in the message.

I enjoyed reading The Secret Steve Jobs Innovation: Principles for wildly different because I had to break a couple of times to stop and reflect on what I have read of success. Many other examples show how the seven principles with great success, and I understand how I can use too. I also learned about the innovative products that others offer.

For example, DNA 11 creates art with their clients and become a business worth millions of dollars in five years. Owner Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed have interviews with focus groups to determine whether there is a need for their products, create a product and then make a request. They also noted that some of their customers ask for art with the DNA of their pets, so you offer to other customers who do not think.

Carmine Gallo has shown that in his book is that innovation does not always mean something radically new box. Sometimes you just do something with a whole new way. This is a practical book clearly written. I recommend Secrets of Innovation Steve Jobs: wildly different principles for successful innovation.

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