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Jared Lee Loughner, An Astrology Insight

Jared Lee Loughner, persons accused of spraying bullets on political events outside the supermarket in Tucson, Arizona, was born September 10, 1988 Tucson, AZ 9:13. This makes it an Aries increases with the degree of ancestors at 22 degrees and 36 minutes according to Vedic astrology. Mr. Ancestors in the astrological charts can tell a lot about a person's character. During my career as a professional astrologer, astrology, I was able to identify and analyze the graphs from The Killers, Mental, businessmen, celebrities and politicians. My experience shows that when the ruler of Ascendant (which is an original character) in the table associated with Badhaka house, 12 houses and 8 through the constellation (nakshatra) and a subwoofer, a person becomes a murderer. If the Ascendant Lord, at the same time, in connection with the housing 6 and Mercury, the mentally ill. If the landlord is also associated with the May 1 holiday, at the same time, the person is a potential rapist or sexual crimes. There are indications of this when I Astrology Charts Joran Vandersloot, Scott Peterson and many others for analysis. A person commits a crime like this, when he will go through Mahadasha and Bhukit Anthara planets in relation to these houses and an evil planetary transit also agrees with this event.

In the case of Jared Loughner Ascendant Lord Mars’s eighth house of punishment, shooting, accident, suffering in life. Mars is in a cage 12, in the Nakshatra of Saturn, and Saturn Badhaka eight penalties in the house, and suffering in life. Power of the Lord Mars is strongly correlated with house 8, 1912, and construction of houses Badhaka. Mars in 12 Th house looks straight 6 (pain) The Lord of Mercury. Mercury offers a psychological problem. Direct aspects of mercury on the ancestral host Loughner Mars makes people mentally ill. Jared Loughner this crime when he went mahadasha Ascendant lord Mars, the god Saturn and Jupiter Badhaka Bhukti Anthara 1912 host, and the transit of Saturn was transiting in Virgo Mercury in home deliveries in June and I look natal position of Mars in the ancestral host 12 games.

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