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Ophiuchus The New Zodiac Sign

And: "This Ophiuchus Star News?
Recently, the people screaming to get on the Internet about the latest discovery of the astrological signs. It seems that now there is to know there are 13 zodiac signs instead of 12th

Sign called Ophiuchus, and 13 born between the dates of 30 November - 17 December. Ophiuchus, also known as serpentarius and as a picture of a servant and a snake. This symbol is widely used for years by the medical community.

What happens when a twin your whole life and now they say that you're actually a bull?

A major concern with people who change their character. This would not be surprised, because the new characters in November 2009 will be regulated. Many people are very loyal to their star sign, and I would not change anything.

People are much attached to sign and bear to be gemstones as astrological signs, T-shirt and had tattoos on her body. According to historians and astrologers thirteenth character is from way back in the days of Babylon known. Babylon removes this sign to stay with 12 characters, as we all know from our lives.

Yes, because all this happened? Experts estimate that Earth's axis astrologers over the years has led to the move, what is now called "shake the country."

Most people are not for all this attention for their existing characters and the desire to pay to keep it alone. However, there are many people who are curious as to what to know their new characters.

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