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Chinese New Year 2011

Like other years, 2011, the Chinese New Year should be celebrated with equal zeal and enthusiasm in many parts of the world. This festival dates vary each year. New year, according to the Chinese calendar, which begins with the celebration of spring and ends with the Lantern Festival. In 2011, the New Year begins Feb. 3 and the party will continue until February 17.

Chinese New Year celebration

It is celebrated in various parts of the world. Here we give a brief explanation of how celebrated in various parts of the world.

New York

Major Chinese people in Flushing, New York. Chinese celebrate the occasion with this tradition and modernity. Parade on this occasion. Other features include fireworks, drummers and dragon dancers, steel.

Honolulu's Chinatown

Honolulu Festival at Chinatown was observed with religious fervor. The celebration includes dragon boat races, lion dance and the festival of lanterns. Expected this year in Honolulu, this festival is celebrated with the same spirit.


This celebration in Vancouver is marked with a parade of spring. Each year, was held on the first Sunday of the new lunar year. Another feature of this celebration is a festive lion dance and cultural exhibitions.


This is probably the biggest festival in China. Obverted festival on the mainland is very religious in the orthodox, traditional rituals and superstitions. Another feature of the festival, fireworks, family gatherings, events, a lot of fun and entertaining, dinners and gifts that are for children. The same kind of party will witness the festival and this year in China.


In a country town, this festival is also celebrated in style. Dazzling fireworks festival and parade at night. Celebrations in recent years have seen a series of live performances, shows, stunts and performing arts. There will also be different in 2011

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Chinese new year is celebrated in every where, including my city here...


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