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Run for the Hills, Facebook Is Over

This is a recurring nightmare for social media addicts around the world so deadly. Voices that social networks are very popular and profitable operations will cease on March 15, making the Internet rounds this weekend, when the Weekly World News, a false story about Zuckerberg, of course, carried too stressed to continue with their line child.

Just the smell of claims that all you need to do Facebookers nervous about the anti-up-close-up, with no apparent sense of irony and other social media sites like Twitter, are surprised by the update status of the pros, the cons and possible motives behind close. Many people are worried about what will happen to your photos and second, a very talented person wrote: “ If you do not stop till I'm reminded of birthdays (sic)" (This is a strong argument for re- apply to all digital communications and force people to class.)

An important issue that is just begging to be asked is why so many people believe the story?

One can assume that very few people go to the source to read it alone. If a fair bet that they will return to laugh.

According to the Weekly World News, Zuckerberg says things like "contact left hand" and "I personally do not consider it a big deal ... to be honest, I think its better without Facebook. People will have to go and make real friends. It's always a good thing "and" I do not care about the money than me. I want my life. “

There are two very eloquent explanations: a man about to leave and some true friends - who comes from a computer nerd so rich and not have to worry about money - that's ridiculous. All people care about money, especially people who say no.

If you want more evidence that it was all a joke, see excerpts Avrat Humarthi, vice president of technical problems: "After March 15 the entire site shut down so if you want to see the photos I suggest you take them from the internet. It will not be able to return them back to go out of business. “

And I doubt that Rupert Murdoch will be insensitive to the effects of the closure of some of his media empire.

Thus we may suppose that people smell objects uncle cousin friend is someone who heard from his mother's salon girls who are friends’ friendship with someone who has read the original article, and then spread with a bird flying frantically in the presence of cats.

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