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STEM Education: Connecting the Classroom to Careers

In recent years there has been a focus on math and science education and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). As President Obama is in office, it seems that everyone jumped on "the importance of math and science education and / or our children need to help us create our future work STEM bandwagon '. It seems that more resources stabbing to improve math and science education programs. However, with all this attention on math and science, people who really are not aware of how and why we are at this point in the field of education and our economy.

If you look at the richest countries in the world economy, have a strong education system, where children excel academically in all or most of the discipline. The reason why education is associated with a strong economy, because the program you can create a workforce with the ability to work in your economy to have. When the United States a strong economy and a global leader, we have a great education system. However, the current state of our education system is that students do not graduate with the skills for jobs currently available in our economy. There are several reasons for this, but my main theory behind this is not enough children or their parents think about their future in relation to linking education with their future career.

I remember when I was little; I remember always good to know that I would notice, so I can go to college and get a good job. Even my friends who have no aspirations of going to college, have a number of career plans in mind for the job, or job after graduating from high school. However, the current K-12 students and parents who have lost a connection with their training and put them in the future employees, it was decided to include all socio-economic levels. So why are people asking where all the work in progress? The question we must ask ourselves is, I and my child prepare for the jobs available for the current economy and future?

We prepare our children to be part of the future workforce in two ways, analyze trends in manufacturing in the U.S. and world economies and encourage them to achieve academically and improve the classroom experience with extracurricular activities. In the United States and the global economy. It’s true that jobs are disappearing and the industry, but there are sectors of the economy where there are many jobs that go vacant. The reason why the work is complete in some areas because there are people with the skills and knowledge to do the job. World is changing in the direction of well-educated workforce, which means that individuals in the economy of the future will have a certain set of skills or knowledge in our service. The majority of jobs in the new economy will be at least a bachelor's degree, but there are some areas that only require technical training. The key to ensuring that your child has a place in the future, workers and examines trends in the economy that most of them are in the Labor Department and other government sites. Once you develop the jobs, see academic subjects your child is strong and interests, and then guide the direction of the career of the current economy and the future. In STEM field, there are many jobs available and that has been created as a new field in the trunk appears every day.

The second thing we must do is to help our children see the connection between what they do in classrooms today and their career choices in the future. There is a great advantage for students to achieve academic and participate in extracurricular activities. The values of class and standardized test scores are the instruments used to measure student performance. Students and parents should not wait for school on the importance of values and standardized test scores to see. There are public policy decisions for the community as a whole, based on the results of standardized tests for third graders. In addition, your child's education course will be determined by teachers and principals on the basis of test scores third degree as well. Therefore, parents should encourage and support the academic performance of the first day your child goes to school since Pre-K. Environment that encourages and supports academic success means to monitor and do homework with your child. Includes support for tutorials on subjects that students can strive for academic success in all subjects protection. The last part of the promotion of academic success is to become part of the preparation for standardized tests your child. There are many studies showing that when parents are an active part in their children's education, children perform better in school.

The class is not the only place where student learning. Children should participate in extracurricular activities that their interests and strengths to support. Students interested in math and science to participate in math and science competitions and clubs. Students must also participate in summer programs and after school in their area of interest. Finally, students participate in events as possible in their areas of interest, such as visits to museums, attend career exhibitions, etc.

the great thing about teaching is not only a tool to train and equip students with the skills, but to open their eyes to see the possibilities. If we have a future STEM workers, we must not only give our children the ability to achieve academically in math and science, but let them see that the possibility of a career in these areas. Children before seeing this report, their bright future.

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