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Three Definite iPhone 5 Features Which Will Make It In 2011

Apple anywhere, but no update in sight. Pending iPhone update is one of the most anticipated technology trends worldwide, and people literally plan their year. But I see in the future. And I can tell you that on May 3 functions of the iPhone is definitely coming this 2011.

Have fun! Oh, and remember, if you believe that this function do it, and then spread the word!

An A5 Processor Upgrade

IPhone processor 4, as they say A4 and in every way a big chip (it is the same as shown in the IPAD, Apple took the pill).

But if you the chip and the latest A4 offer the Samsung processor Hummingbird A4 seems very slow in comparison. The reason is the number of cores, and Apple would throw in the chip-set that it is better to use the 5 iPhone compete for the latest generation smartphone from Samsung and LG, respectively.

Integration of NFC

Apple was beaten to a slap on the NFC by Nexus S, genealogy Google Android smartphone. One thing Apple should do is to integrate technology into their iPhone iWallet fifth to the trend of the last payment solutions to follow.

One thing Apple has always managed to do is recreate the market for existing technologies and build. I think they took the NFC will be "revolutionary."

A revised system of notification

IOS Apple is behind other operating systems in the notice - in fact, if you use Android, IOS is about 3 years old and live update screen widgets. One thing Apple could be achieved with 5 releases iPhone updated to IOS version, including better reporting system messaging, social networking and e-mail.

There are tons more, May 5 iPhone have a folder in that section, but most of them are mere speculations. These three are pretty much worry in 5 iPhone.

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