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Dead Space 2

Dead Space is a game that shook the foundations of horror games for a long time. With its innovative AI that would be hidden and you will pop out when least expected. In addition, the storyline is very strange and wonderful at the same time the last game. Dead Space 2 contains a few things mixed, but remains true to the first game of the series. Most of the first video game in which the main character just killed a whole fleet of enemies and lost all know and love in the process of representation of the protagonists, as unchanged in the second game. Dead Space 2, Issac (the main character) is torn by the events of previous games and the death of his girlfriend. Several aspects of the game really have with the fact that Issac would want to lose his grip. Nevertheless, it is always still struggling on the road, but at least recognizes and makes it a part of the game unlike other games.

Dead Space 2 is to start on a positive note, the revision of most single-player game, or some would say. For the most part you play in low light conditions with a light at your side, and I hope (zombie alien things) the Necromorph not come from behind you when you least expect it (will). Sometimes you can not hear them, but you see them on board and start gently. It would be a lie to say that you spend a little time to find the enemy in a room and not have to be found. And now when you pass through from the back and attack, if the hat. This is just a classic example of how AI is actually intelligent in this game. Besides this, the music, the intensity and excitement of the dark surrounding is often unknown to add. Dead Space 2 also has a health bar, which is located at the rear of characters that were used in the first game. In short, Dead Space 2 is his game; see what all horror films and horror genre of video games in development from now on, because this game works very well.

The armor of the game looks simply amazing, as he has in Dead Space and fortunately they decided not to give us the strongest weapons in the game, when we bought the day before, as it did in Dead Space. But the first part of the game and will not use the same to another person until you get your arms you can look back and absolutely fabulous. In a way, makes sense, because in real life impossible wear heavy armor all the time, it seems a good choice to have the developers you get your suit as the first task in the game. A lot of weapons to a return in Dead Space Dead Space 2 make some modifications to them (mostly for the better) are all pretty unique and you can actually change weapons at times and not just a weapon explosion in the game like most other shooters . To get even more value for single-player system and update the procurement system is very well done and you can not just all a bit too early, or not in a position to buy things later by the limits of money in the game now.

Very similar to the Bioshock franchise developers of Dead Space has decided that crappy multiplayer was better than nothing. So put together some maps and a type of game where few people have things to do and stop trying Necromorph on the other team. The multiplayer is fun for a while ", but has no real attraction of living of many people. Shines For the most part in this game for its single-player and multi player looks rather like the idea of the last minute to implement, because they decided it would be funny place. When Dead Space 2 had multiplayer, but it would be worth it, because less money in multi-player is ins it even more fun, but not much.

In general, Dead Space 2 is a little better than the previous game and relies heavily on the same mechanics. This is not a bad thing, because Dead Space is very well done and try this game just to improve it, as do most sequels. The weapons are very well done and the defense looks even better than Dead Space have. The purchase of the game is very good again, as was done in the first game. The horror aspect is largely the same as in the first game was the also a great thing. The largest element is the story of the changes taking place and the fact that Issac be very good because the crazy events would be the first game. Multiplayer does not add much value to the game, but if the developers thought well, it's certainly better than nothing.

Good Stuff

Horror game elements (music, enemies, etc.) are at a high level
Unique weapons, many of them are from the first game already
The monetary system is very well done
Armor looks even better than last game have
Good work history and a bit "unique game
Smart AI *

Bad Stuff

Get all the missed time enemies a bit frustrat

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By the way I like the game's dark and dreary atmosphere and its intense and unrelenting gameplay, while pointing out the multiplayer component's shortcomings.


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