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Global and International Gift Giving

We are a global society now and no matter where you go in the world, or whatever you do, there's always the right way to do something. Every culture on earth and not only to exchange gifts during the holiday season. We exchange gifts for a variety of reasons:

1. Gifts to represent, say what words. Emotion is sometimes difficult to put into words.
2. Gift to remind others that we ignore or do not think we can. For example, the reason for a little gift you send your customers every six months.
3. The exchange of gifts is a must. In economics, this is usually counterproductive.

If you are asked, we recognize the common good, but we are not really pleased with it. Are not we all looking for hours or even days for that "perfect gift"? In addition, the pressure for international business gifts for customers to find. We are in the United States, usually with a bottle of wine for dinner. But you know that alcohol is taboo in Islam? If you want to go abroad, it is worth some rules of the gift:

Germany - Take everything in moderation, that your tastes and cultural well-reflected in something other than black and white paper wrapped. Including a handwritten note.

Saudi Arabia - Give a gift that the spiritual significance that the education level to identify the host or guest. Never a gift for his wife or daughter of an elderly woman, but a gift is specifically for children. Wait until the relationship was established prior to submitting your gift.

Latin America - Latin America Relations treasure a good person and enjoy giving. Give a gift for family or for children, especially small electronic gadgets or popular toys. Gifts are welcome, if the woman is not too personal. Employers are sometimes not taken very seriously in Latin America, we must be careful to make a gift, he gave the wrong impression.

Singapore - Giving something cheap, like a souvenir T-shirt American. The presentation of certain persons, the first prize for the best person and work your way down. Wrap your gifts in yellow, red or pink because it is considered lucky in Asia. When attending a dinner in a house in Singapore, what candy or a box of chocolates. Number 4, 7, 8.13, 37 and 69 are considered unlucky.

France - Give it is estimated that choose to France. It should not take it personally, but must reflect the taste and intelligence. Chrysanthemum flowers to your house for dinner to attend in advance, but no representatives of mourning. If you live in an apartment for several days, silver is much appreciated gift. Do not give a contractor of perfume. It's too personal.

UK - There is a clear boundary between work and private life in England, so that the gift is not a large part of society. E 'and personally. In general, the gratitude expressed by a dinner or an evening at the theater. If you own a home, a flower or a small object when to visit necessary.

USA - United we really enjoy giving gifts and were very happy, if the recipient really shocked. We are delighted with our gift box. Americans do not always have a large, expensive gift, but we appreciate the quality. When you visit someone's house, we expect a bottle of wine or flowers to be found. If we want to host a conference or seminar, the participants are used to it, with the blessing of the "goodie bags" filled to the brim with goods from.

Corby O'Connor is the founder of Corby O'Connor Etiquette and Protocol, a company in New Jersey specializes in training, writing and consulting in ethics education and corporate communications. Corby has trained thousands of people who constitute a professional education in communication, sales, networking, clothing, presentations, interviews, skills and business lunches.

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