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Texting from the Wilds via GPS

Many people wonder how a desert adventurer GPS can send a message to the outside world, when we sometimes have difficulty in calling a particular place in our area. I used to have neighbors who really need to get out of his house in the backyard, because the signal is clear enough to call his office phone. Nevertheless, tourists in the remote desert in the mountains of Andorra to make contact with those who want. We have solutions for those who are interested.
If you think a satellite phone, think again. While satellite phones available for use in remote areas, and they do real work, unfortunately, the cost is still expensive. The fact that we represent a solution that is most convenient for the average wilderness traveler. We are pleased to announce that we now have GPS satellite capacity to work with Spot connect the device with smartphones. This causes the tree to send short text messages, if necessary. GPS-technology may not be appropriate to maintain and post journals or magazines during our trip, but the message in question and help in achieving the right and get the help they need in time. Let's face it, it is very important!
Usually when you go or climbing, the phone can not be asked if you are not in a narrow canyon or covered and surrounded by dense vegetation. Besides, as my neighbor is found, you must have line of sight for good reception. While there are some restrictions on the kind of technology are GPS, it also has significance as navigation. This new technology allows you to send short text messages, as well as the original e-mail via satellite. To post a message, you must enter text into a GPS unit like the Garmin or TomTom or a smart phone that is connected to the transmitter. The transmitter sends a message to the satellite GPS system, and before you know it, your SOS is received. No need to worry about the signal is blocked or restricted conditions. Do some research on the pros and cons of using a particular set, because it does not know how to use them that we are accustomed to the phone? However, it will be worth it.
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