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Top 5 World of Warcraft Pets

If you have ever played a hunter in World of Warcraft, you are always looking for more powerful animals. Even if you become emotionally bear or panther you tamed at level 10 there are many creatures that are better World of Warcraft to a pet-old "Mr. Whiskers" to make.

While some animals better in certain situations than others, depending on whether you tank or DPS, there are some animals that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here is a list of top 10 World of Warcraft with animals, where they are, their ability modifiers, skills, and if a better tank, DPS or pets are in general.

1. Nether Ray

Found in Outland have these animals Wow a body like a race with a long tail and two springs. It has a crystalline growth and the strips his body, and all sorts of bright colors. Nether rays in Netherstorm, Zangarmarsh, and Shadowmoon Valley (caster stats) with Fen Ray from the Underbog are found as the only non-wizards of this creature. Underworld Rays get a big bonus to health (10%), small bonus to damage (+3%), but took a hit with below-average defense (-10%) and can be considered a hybrid dps / tank pet dps repression. Factor in their "coolness" Ray brings in the Netherlands under the number 10 on other media than the average pet.

2. Wolf

Native Wolf many parts of Azeroth and is very popular Hunter many large animals, because to find their skin and their location along with their Furious Howl and Dash skills. Wolves average loss and health, but above average (+5%).

3. Crocolisk

Crocolisk is a lizard-like creature long and covered with thick, rough scales that run from the tip of the tail to the tip of her abdomen. Mottled green color with yellow teeth, the animal with six legs squat with webbed feet, supporting each end into a short, black claws. Croc mostly near rivers and in particular, Durotar, Loch Modan and Wetlands. Can learn the "World of Warcraft pet, Locke, bite, growl and the pets but do not offer a unique experience. Some hunters are very concerned about the hissing sound they do when you are sitting still, but high for the armor (10%) can compensate for their health and lower (-5%) if you are looking for pets tanks.

4. Gorilla

the gorillas are only in the Vale, Feralas and Un'Goro crater found and learn to curl, snarl, bite, and their unique ability, Thunder Stomp, the nature or cause a great threat. The gorillas are not popular as pets in Wow because of their scarcity and demanding food (fruit and fungi), but their unique skills, medium health bonus (4%) and the bonus damage (+2%) make it difficult good for them as pets.

5. Wind Serpent

a snake, colorful wings with feathers - essentially flying snake. Mainly found in Horde territory Wind Serpent a lot of damage (+7%) has, with average health and armor. What the Wind Serpent pet special world makes the flash breathability Warcraft a fair amount of damage natural range that scales with attack power by hunters. Unless fighting monsters with low armor or innate nature resistance is a snake winds have the highest dps a pet. Be careful, have a large number of twenty snake caster stats if you tame as pets. Sticking to that found in the Barrens, Thousand Needles and Feralas just to make to

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