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Wells Fargo Versus Sallie Mae

Wells Fargo is a trusted name in dealing with student personal loans and consolidation. They specialize in first aid and student loans in the management of loans for higher education.

Enrollment at the school are eligible, a program from Wells Fargo, with good credit and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident students can benefit from Wells Fargo credit.

Wells Fargo offers online credit application. A maximum of $ 120,000 for educational use. Although permanent residency a requirement for temporary residents is also offered loans with a limited number of $ 25,000. No handling fee. The percentage of discount offered for online registration. Low interest rates and interest rates passed on to repay the loan in a row and activate the mechanism for automatic debit from your account. Where a guarantor involved, he was released after 24 consecutive payments. You can easily qualify for a loan from Wells Fargo to support because it is a simple treatment.

Sallie Mae federal and private loans and consolidation. Advice for students and parents about the definition of the procedures and practices for the use of loans and payments.

Federal Loan Consolidation from Sallie Mae offered to customers with a fixed interest rate and monthly payment of up to 50% smaller, faster loan processing online, no hidden fees, no control of credit and lower interest rates to ease the debt.

Private consolidation processing according to Sallie Mae offers a loan up to $ 257,000, $ 400,000 is no certainty and a guarantee, a simple payment per month, no time limit on penalties for early registration and payment, the payment of the renewal of the maximum term of 30 there’s, a flexible arrangement there is no process of registration or a fee. The maximum value of $ 400,000 is relaxed, if people are the guarantor of the loan. Personal loans provided they meet the minimum amount of $ 5,000.

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Sallie Mae for me is more trustful. But it's a personal decision.


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