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College Campus Safety Tips


statistical disadvantage is that 90 percent of rape between people who already know, and there are about half of rapes happen on dates. It is commonly referred to as "rape" or known "knowledge for the rape."

Although sexual violence and rape the attacker is never the fault of the victim, there are some things that women can remember:

Take time to know your partner or date. Not only spend time with someone uncomfortable or unsafe. This means that following your instincts and stay away from situations that do not feel good.

Stay with a group of people. Avoid high-risk areas such as rest areas.

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption. According to the journal Studies on Alcohol, more than 70,000 students between 18 and 24 years were victims of sexual violence associated with alcohol or rape.

Pay attention to possible drug use to "rape as Rohypnol, which is illegal in the United States. Someone could slip into drinks. This causes drowsiness, loss of coordination, dizziness and memory loss. Never drink from someone and make it your drink unattended.

Tell someone you trust in the name of your destination dates and time of expected return.

Get money for cab fare and phone calls you.

Safety Tips running on more campus

see research on campus after dark, ensure that a building, sidewalks, plazas and parks, is bright and protected.

Avoid walking alone if possible.

Walk with a confident attitude and stay alert.

Walking in the light.

Keep your free hand, not loaded.

I have the keys ready.

If you followed: cross the street, screaming, ran to an occupied residence or business or a flag on the car.


Doors and windows in your room should be equipped with a lock on quality. The doors of the rooms have portholes, and screw.

It is not loaning your key. Never at the expense of their safety to a colleague or friend of the left door is locked desired. Replace the lock when the key is lost or stolen.

Be careful, aliens admitted.

Have good lighting around the entrance.

If you are a woman and live alone or with other women, just use the box first initial and, if possible, into sections.

Log on any suspicious activity to campus police - or the police if off campus.

While in the car

Keep windows closed and doors.

Park, according to population and travel off the streets.

No hitchhikers.

If you're lucky, a sign of support, lifting the hood or tie a white handkerchief on the doorknob.

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