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IBM's Supercomputer Competes in Jeopardy

IBM's latest innovations, named Watson, will compete with a big Jeopardy Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Needless to say, this is very impressive. Not only supercomputer the right answer, but it also tells the public how safe is the answer. Oh, and to hear what the guest said he could understand. Still not impressed? Watson understands the nuances of human language, such as word games and jokes.

That's right. Understand jokes and puns. Watson has done through the implementation of thousands of these algorithms are discussed, and not in order (ie in the order of arrival), not all at once, and compared the responses and decide what is best, where included a percentage, how safe he is. Watson hit IT uses literature and random events to gather feedback, and time, and found more information, the faster you get, the better you'll get the answers. Watson built IBM's technology is called "DeepQA" (read not too far away, you pervert.)

IBM supercomputer is powered by the 10 750 power rack server with the Linux distribution, with 15 terabytes of memory (standard PC has 8.4 gigabytes), and have a brain, consisting of 2,880 processor cores that are used to 80 teraflops of speed (which may qualify for a bit, "most of the computers on the market today 2-4 nuclei) (is not connected to the Internet). These systems are truly independent and can be more than 2 million pages of data in the is memory in less than three seconds record. Frankly, I'm impressed. And you should. And yes, I called the computer as he is.

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