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5 Android Tablet Apps for Making Free Phone Calls

Android offers a wide range of applications and offer free calls to each other as possible. Communication is an important part of life, and fortunately technology has it easier for you to connect with someone else without cost. Here are a few Android applications to do this:

1. Google Voice

Android version of Google Voice offers positions in real time. To be able to directly receive voice and text messages when they arrive. This is in contrast to earlier versions in which the software only once would check the mail every 15 minutes. This application has enabled a "sync mailbox" function; again, a message came in the second. You can also international calls with your number from Google. You can also send free SMS with this application.

2. Fring

The new version of Fring screen Android has a new profile and a new perspective on your friends list. A dialer is included. Fring makes it interesting for you to say plus the ability. Buddy list will be updated now friendly. He shows pictures of your friends and the atmosphere, the same is shown for the call.

You can also edit your profile by the photos, and change your mood, let your friends know how you feel. You can also e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

The new Android Fring improves communication experience through improved sound quality and bug fixes.

3. Skype

New Android Skype is very similar to the version of the iPhone. Upon entering, you can immediately see who your contacts are online. You can send messages and phone calls provided via Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity.

The quality is clear enough. There may be cases where the connection jumps, but all in all a pleasant experience.

Skype looks great physically. Navigation is simple and the menus are colorful and lively.

4. Guava

With guava, please change free calls to U.S. numbers with the voice of Google and Gizmo5. Cashew can also call on the Google Voice to your Internet connection. You can also send SMS to U.S. mobile phone with this application.

5. Viber Android Beta

Viber users free calls over 3G and Wi-Fi. The application also allows free text messages. With Viber, you can get unlimited calls and SMS for each user on the second Viber Android or iPhone to make.

Viber version of Android that unique features like full-screen calls and SMS alerts appear. You can also default dialer Viber.

If you decide to Android gadget for yourself, buy; do not forget to take advantage of the large market place. Although some communications applications at a price, you better start downloading free applications to determine first what really works for you. Most of the applications Android offered update from time to time so that any bugs or errors in the system to be repaired in time.

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Great list of applications, definitely worth sharing.

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That's pretty much my feeling, but if anyone has arguments to the contrary I'd like to hear them. Thanks again!


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