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How Much Info Do You Want to Share Online?

Let me still hot issue: privacy. According to, privacy ... the ability of individuals or groups to isolate themselves or online information sharing on all about themselves and thereby reveal themselves selectively. “


the information people reveal about themselves to help attract other people who have some similarities. When I first signed on Facebook, I went to information for students and me to see my teammates. Suitable for people who like John Hersey High School, graduating in 1985. I invite them to your friends on Facebook. Some of them invite me to her friends just for the fact that we are in the same school-related. I also think that I'm a fan of Paul McCartney. You can give up and give it to all who have supported the latest Paul McCartney U.S. tour. It seems that every day I visited; I saw an ad for the upcoming concert by Paul McCartney and around San Francisco. As a supporter I knew I would be interested in Tickets for Paul McCartney? This is information that I found in the "Love Interests" volunteer at my Facebook profile.

Some people are sensitive to reveal their religion. I sympathize with their right to remain private. The same applies to political views. To religion and political persuasion, people who feel the same way to win to help, but even people. Hide: This is my solution. I took my idea of religion as "All the people I love." You can use this on my Facebook profile to find. This insult or alienate people would not consider doing business with me. You can also use a laugh. If you meet someone in person and have friends, you can true religion in private. The war started over religious differences. Think twice before you express your faith online. He can make people more than it will be interesting.

Still controversial is the conception of religion, political views. Yes, my friends started the war by political differences. I have my political views: "The mood of all for me." People who never met I do not know about my political views. Proponents of the country should not see my name on a list of Democrats in California, or the Republic of California. I decided to stay with the list. Potential customers do not know my political views. My original appearance to attract more customers, or they can play even moved further away. I recommend not even go that way. One of my clients told me that when you add to the policy that customers can turn into enemies. Keep your political views are blank or use my answer.

If you have any comments about my speech, privacy, feel free to write me at 3450 Palmer Drive, Suite # 4-286, Cameron Park, California 95682nd This is not my home. This is a UPS store in Cameron Park, California, a small aluminum box rental and received my order. This is the address for all my business correspondence. It is also the only address I use in my online profile. Who does not know I could save on letters and packages sent to the UPS. People who want to target its marketing code in their list of the 95 682 available. My friends and clients know that I am the letter and Transport Company in Cameron Park received but did not attend.

Some parents share their children's age and the photos online. The pictures are cute, but they are bait for predators. If you choose more personal information, including photos, bid on your profile, I suggest a different address if I, or hide your personal information.

You can also contact me at 530-677-8864. I found a service that you have set the virtual phone number and send all incoming calls to another number or to voicemail offering. The voice message is then sent as email attachments. What a great service. I know some people are reluctant to share or your home phone pay per minute for calls to prepare. This can be a wonderful tool that you maintain your privacy and reduce unwanted effects is called helps. You can create an account and secure phone number to $ 4.88 per month. Use the phone number in your online profile.

I have two phone numbers with the service of them went to my phone calls quickly and others a voice message and then sends the recorded message gave me and my wife via email. This gives us a 'phone home official number "we can share with the world and rid us of the annoying phone calls while enjoying a quiet dinner or evening. All incoming calls directly to voicemail. We can get to them whenever they want. In particular, I expect quiet time the next election season comes.

Say (to privacy)

on the other side of privacy, I said. I am very happy with my level of online parts and make sure you are comfortable with your level. Calls to my phone 530-677-8864. E 'became the official figures Cameron Park Computer Services, since I bought at the beginning of this business. Alive hold a series of business phone is very important. You never know when someone a business card to take 10 years, thought: "I wonder if this man is still in business", then the number. Thou shalt not kill the business phone.

I also know that the prospects find me online and decided to call the telephone number. Remember, my online presence is a marketing tool. Of them. I also tell the world, I love Paul McCartney and Rush. No, not a political commentator. In contrast, the Canadian progressive rock band consisting of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart. This information has helped me connect with someone who said that fans of Paul McCartney and Rush. Helps people see that I have a life. It has helped to make the connection. I know that some people may not like Paul McCartney and Rush, but I think the possibility of turning potential friends or customers is very small compared to someone who says, "Oh, like Paul McCartney and Mark Rush, well ... I want to come with him. It's easy to share my information with the world.

Sharing helps me prove that I have a personal life. In addition to the world that I like Rush and Paul McCartney are on record as telling an active triathlete. It helps me connect with other related triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners. I'm also pretty sure that the world is saying, swimming, cycling, running for fun and no way to turn potential clients and friends. The disclosure of this information has helped to establish the connection.

Share touched the nerve in some people. They shared information and then wonder why they targeted ads to get them. My Facebook page is an advertisement for Rush Paul McCartney and 2010 summer tour. The proponents of this tour does a good job making up ads and then target them to share that Facebook users are fans of Paul McCartney and Rush. Even if you do not participate, performances by one of these events last summer, I learned to appreciate that they are still active. I'm on this tour promoter target market, "and I am very happy to be in this group.

The same applies to sellers of triathlon. Here are a manufacturer of bicycles and shoes, organizers and sponsors of health food stores. I see their ads, as well as on Facebook. Same strategy, the followers of Paul McCartney and Rush tour following: users have focused on Facebook. My profile information I have on their target. Advertising is a fact of life. The information that advertisers target online to share what they sell. Advertising helped to remain a free service. Facebook is a business too. The people who want to work on a roof over their heads, food on the table and cash in your wallet.

You must decide the level of comfort and privacy to share. Everyone is entitled to a little "part of their alive. They are more private than most. You have to understand that sharing helps in building good relations on the personal and business front.

Escape from the closet, I have a composite character, Daphne Dancer. Daphne is the user. Ends with a high level of awareness and tell the world that the dance to learn, learn sign language, loves to run a marathon, and I love Paul McCartney. He was very happy to exchange information. Daphne hides marital status, date, religious beliefs and political views. He was reluctant to share the city, but thought it would be necessary if people want a local dance teacher. Daphne professional image he put online.

This brings me to my next point ... Get professional pictures (of you) People will see your photo before you read your own name or important information about yourself. It's a magical way to get attention. The image in the upper left square. Figure far greater than your name. Your photo should be good. This is the magnet that attracts people to you or expels people from you.

A good image for the answer to the question: "Can I trust this person?" A good photograph is a smile, eyes open and reasonable. I dress my picture. It can be formal or informal. In case of doubt, the error on the side of formality. You can search by Google "image of Napoleon Hill," "Image of Dale Carnegie" or "Donald Trump picture" for the third professional image of success. Most of these pictures show them in a suit and tie. What a coincidence.

There are some things you should not in your picture. I have photos of people who saw a 24-ounce glass of beer on the camera. You look stupid shows that they have a glass of 24 ounces, or have used two. I recommend it. You do not know who to find images. This could be your boss or employer. This may be a customer or potential customer. It could be your husband or someone who can end up as your partner. You do not know. I've also seen people post fake photos in their profiles. I've seen people post pictures of celebrities, cartoon characters as dogs and your profile photo. If you're Paul McCartney, you can take pictures of Paul McCartney in your profile. Otherwise, not. If you have a picture of the Golden Retriever post in your profile, tell the world your dog.

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