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Anthony Weiner Twitter Scandal - 3 Reasons Why Honesty Is the Best Policy

Anthony Weiner Twitter is a scandal that the constant "praise" of the news clips of American life. The story always seems bigger! Weiner Congress remains doubtful with his Twitter message, often monopolizing a lot of new channels and the bandwidth on the Internet! Even Sarah Plain "One Nation" tour bus replaces U.S. Congressman Weiner at the "Lime Light" of the media. In a way I can see why.

I believe that many Americans are so by the kind of mainstream "sex scandal" in love. But why? I think the details are - plentiful - because they are more interested in the dysfunctional lives of others ... them "rest" of her drama and pain.

I know ... I did it!

But life can be dramatized or painful; I sincerely believe that honesty is the best! First, be honest with yourself, then others. I'm not talking about the path of "fairness" is displayed during the "wedding toast" in a pseudo-comic drama "dilemma". I'm real honest about that reconciliation is happening and talk to trusted solutions. There is no doubt that this kind of "honesty" is that what went into scandal Anthony Weiner Twitter lost.

Twitter is the sender or receiver, can support or which side of the story "low voltage", has ruled honesty ... Priorities for the duration of the Congress. So, let's teachings, stories, or mask dysfunctional us?

3 Reasons Why Honesty best policies

Reason 1: The character is fundamental to the success

I believe that the development of character is one of the reasons why honesty is the best. When it comes to Twitter scandal comes Anthony Weiner, Congressman Weiner unfortunately damaged his credibility and character, to the extent of the scandal Twitter. More women tend to come forward to testify to Congress as a valid and reliable fault.

James Leggett had said that "reputation has made in the past built character for a lifetime ..." In a moment of action greed, lust, slander, the character of a person to be destroyed. Destroyed a life!

Since the character is the key to your success and find out why honesty is the best policy, it is important that the leader knows the original truth, are the ones that ...

"... More interested in doing the right thing than to do the right thing, the right methods, without a good reason for superficial at best and evil at worst they are. Is not the end, the great leader '. Only person the job and "people who know how to connect to the methods of the subject" (Toler, Stan, "motivators for employees-minute Quick Inspiration for the time of your life, Publisher: David Cook, 2002, p 7 ..).

Do you anyway, not a leader? It seems that the Congress Anthony Weiner will not be read "memo".

Reason 2: People watching is progressively

Realize that the people is to constantly observe another reason why honesty is the best. Like other high-profile as members of Congress, Anthony Weiner, Twitter has gained exposure as a result of the scandal, Congress Weiner is a high-profile public figures. Of course people of his disastrous choice of evil will be attracted. So "stolen" in one of the call in the night comics.

I think it's important to realize that if your growing reputation in the public, and the characters, the more people will see ... to see how you react to react, and live your life! In fact, to "close" when people start to your story, the more they will follow you ... of followers on Twitter!

We must live every doubt raised for generations to inspire people to! You?

Reason 3: The transformation must begin with trust

Building trust is another reason why honesty is the best. An excellent teaching Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal has taught us is that Americans believe it to be hard to find Congress. As evidence of deja vu here in Orlando Casey Anthony, the word can not Members of Congress, because it is widespread. After the scandal was uncovered on Twitter, dishonesty and more mistakes.

Winston Churchill said that "the price of the size task." The responsibility for each action is the key to developing confidence in all types of relationships. I believe that true leaders those who ask for forgiveness and have to act responsibly. As one of the lead, I will not say it was wrong. More often than not, I'll tell you that I'm wrong, because I come in my life, an "open" for his honesty.

And because I decided my life this way, the transformation has taken place in my heart, so that others on what they do leave say and think. Weiner Action Congress has shown us that it dare not likely.

It can be trusted?

In short

Although Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal to "steal" more cells of the brain, mind and time of day can be filled, remember that Anthony Weiner scandal Twitter something about the life of the success of learning: developing characters, to the value of the Add live person because you are in your life and begin to trust. If you start to believe they to "do the right thing," the transformation that takes a life of integrity and success of new generation ... and why honesty is the best!

R Bryan Anthony is a Certified and Certified Marketer Online John C. Maxwell coach, trainer and speaker (completion 2011) offering appropriate solutions, consulting and value for home owners and network marketing, to encourage them to create their own success stories, as they to discover the secrets of business success.

Bryan teaches how to become a Home-Based Biz Start with the integrity and well I'm looking to do the work after training. Do you think it takes dedication, honesty, loyalty and trust; have faith in order to overcome any challenge?

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