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Movie Plot Thoughts: Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon

This week, many probably your most anticipated summer movie of the (imagined the boy Magician - Harry Potter - sure to give it a run for money ITS), Transformers Dark of the Moon is a special-after Delicacy, behind on their assets. Paraben Not much criticism of the franchise for four years, from the 2007 Blockbuster live-action Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen as the cinematic wilderness - a large but sparse. Primed with the Nationwide Anticipation of fans, as only the exact reason for the third film in the Worst Possible movie 2

All That thanks to the writers, Staking Out an Apology Using the budget deficit and the Lack-of-focus of Revenge of the Fallen was Certainly (they otherwise can be a fan of writing, the property is in, say, right? It would have Better Than paraben what they're with) are not, we can assume that it was the Dark of the Moon? It is clear that they've a good element to revolve around Them arrested, the Space Race United States and the Soviet Union, only the Maximum points for the ITS own sake. Revelation last game of the post-Super Bowl Commercials That people would be Transformers Decepticons communications, it is best can you not make the film in public: May they otherwise severely to one communication over the other. Do not be surprised if the audience rooting for the Autobots and the only people Who Do Not Love Any girl and Sam! Manage, especially followers Feel That When the government or a part of the other person Decepticons Knew Before long the public and staff for trying to Use Them Beat - it's pretty much of human history.

The new villain, Shockwave, May one ask, What Role - if any - playing Megatron Dark of the Moon. Decepticon leader and his admonition to Starscream in Revenge of the fallen shows: "Even death is not the rule, but we will!" Probably not good for the second violin. A Shockwave Cybertron comic in general, was, left there to fight the evil Megatron and the Alls Park chases the Prime Minister about the universe. Transformers 3 is that we some kind of confrontation, Shockwave, and brutal-looking Decepticon leader? There are people Trying to control the population and the Decepticons in one way or another, they otherwise specifically (surprise!) is the Opposite? We are Less Than One Week.

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