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The New Food Pyramid That Promotes Weight Loss

I've heard on NPR the other morning in the office and passed through a story about how USDA food pyramid got renewed. You probably know what I'm talking about corn on the ground, and then fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products company after a small town at the end of the oils, fats and sweets. Not only first-class could be, with a detailed course on the classic food pyramid.

Now the USDA has determined not only the food pyramid, a completely new look, but the change in the approach we take into account our food. The new album, I have the pyramid that we all know and appreciate and implemented to the plate.

The panel consists of four groups of foods rather than the six that we grow together. Vegetables and cereals form almost the entire recommended daily intake of nutrients, along with fresh fruit and healthy proteins to bridge the gap. Milk is actually presented as a glass of milk on the side, may indicate that dairy products are more economical to use than anything else.

In combination with new eyes are a number of new recommendations, which I happen to think that only the tips of a good thing to teach our children but also for weight loss in general. There is much discussion about the new look of our traditional food pyramid, with some people that the new album that I have to beat to get results. However, it is my opinion that my new album with nutrition tips by comparing the USDA actually quite well done. Let us briefly. Among the recommendations to take balancing your calorie intake by eating small amounts and the time to enjoy your food.

Balance the calories

One of the proposals is to make the calories by eating smaller portions and to compensate for the effort to enjoy your food. This is a wonderful idea and has shown snacks from 1-2 large meals a day you can lose a few pounds. Assuming a small part of something familiar European dishes, participation is the fact something that many Americans, it was announced at a given time. Take in small amounts and often quite easy. I'm sure the real question is whether the restaurant, which will be followed by a smaller scale, is the realistic part?

Increase healthy eating

Plate I suggest that by increasing your intake of healthy foods with a footprint less than half the food on a regular basis around the fruit and vegetables. Although some people have insisted on the plate is not specifically enough, the USDA site contains no recommendations, how to accomplish this. They recommend the product fresh and frozen and fresh steamed vegetables on the field.

Another recommendation for the amount of grain that you eat to increase at least half a day of hospitalization. Although this is a fantastic idea, I think that the consumption of 100% of the consumption of whole grains per day can significantly improve the grain and lead to weight reduction and improved welfare.

Reduce sugar and salt

It seems a breeze, no, but just enough to collect the food unconsciously, a very high sugar or salt content of the message. One suggestion I have created a new album, is a practice of reading food labels the amount of salt they contain create determined. Think you read it, if the label that the USDA recommended less than 2300 mg per day.

Another tip is to drink water instead of sugary drinks, which will be a very simple technique to reduce the intake of sugar each day you had. Research shows those men and women, more of what they drink, what they tend to eat. Most of us do not really consider the amount of sugar we have in our system, if you can take a can of soda or juice.

The Wrap Up

To know even if my new album is very different from the food pyramid, most people have learned and love, is yet another way to check in addition to American food portions. Change can be difficult, especially when changes occur on something we are accustomed to. But often the change is intelligent.

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