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The American Justice System and Casey Anthony

Ms Anthony was found not guilty, case closed. In the American legal system, suspects can not be tried twice for the same offense, called Double Jeopardy. With that being said, it is now a free woman. After many years locked up, young people and all the holy and the horrible details of a thing of the past. I'm really ready? I do not believe his spirit will always follow America. Each time a child is accidentally injured or slain, was a parody. The rest presents his behavior more angry.

It was not long before the jury to a conclusion. However, it was reported that heated discussions behind closed doors, they come to a conclusion. Chloroform to stay in the car, is sufficient to condemn this young woman. Florida is known for its soft-known criminals, so that during the process, holding back the economy to more experimental and real life in Florida, Anthony Jerry Springer Show. However, the terrible things that happened to this child, something no one has come to America. "Not guilty", the court heard. The verdict was a sign of leniency from the jury.

I wondered if Mrs. Anthony looks like Foxy Brown, not fixed, would be dismissed. Not in a race, but in turn these situations to collect too many questions. Degree of Asha for Zahra Baker, the percentage of crimes against children has increased significantly in recent years. These types of incidents are just some examples of what's wrong with America. A young mother who can not handle their children, kill them, what a shame. There are a few who all their lives, just waiting to shame a child, mothers who can not instead handle the responsibility. The world coming to?

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