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Amy Winehouse

Appointed as "Wino, Amy Winehouse, English singer and a great writer, has won the prestigious Grammy Award for recording the memorable five beats" You know, I'm No Good "and" Rehab "and others. He is known for ' excellence in musical genres such as soul, jazz and R & B, but there are some crazy fans who love the power of his voice too high.

Amy was 14 September 1983 in London, England born Mitchell (father) and Janis (mother), a Jewish family. A sister, young star Alex used to play guitar, and when he was 13, got one for him. Many say he was a rebellious child and pierced once rusticated from school in London for the nose and painted his body with a tattoo at age 14.

Amy Winehouse's career has been "very soon, when he was a teenager. At first he recorded a demo clubs and concerts at low prices. A turning point in his career came in 2003 with her debut album Frank. This album is jazz led him to direct acquaintance with the appointments of identification in different functions prize. Then he defeated more than personal relationships and drug use has increased.

The year 2006 saw the return of Amy Winehouse with a hissed "Back in Black Rehab" that has conquered the American charts, the nine slot number in the list of successes "by a super-hit album was followed." Both versions have the worldwide recognition of its highly desirable. But not enough talent likes Amy. On February 10, 2008, Amy has beaten the record by winning five Grammys in one night. He received the "Best New Artist" and "record year" for rehabilitation. From here, all are beautiful Winehouse is simply unstoppable. In the same year, he added with a strong performance in several large fans to her fans to have.

Then, in June, Amy must address some unfortunate health problems. It 'been hospitalized for an infection of the lungs. But, at the Nelson Mandela celebrates 90th birthday, was discharged from hospital in London, Hyde Park to achieve. We met with Rehab and Valerie numbers and hit back a place in thousands of hearts. He also gave a memorable performance from one hour to a party, instead of owner Roman Abramovich in Moscow. From this single performance, has paid $ 2,000,000.

In no time, Amy Winehouse a fashion statement and angry beer music. In April of 2008 was a "hero" was chosen by her English fans. But because of his unacceptable behavior, the following month he was voted the most hated figures in Britain.

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