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black ops

Black Ops Call of Duty Zombie's most impressive innovations to the game after the world war, gathering as much value the merger contributed to the success of this new game. The main purpose of this mode is the maximum number of zombies to kill and die without at the same time, try to correct the entry point!

Here are some strategies to use to survive in a zombie mode.

Most of the players or the game begins all the zombies with a gun or a knife. If they have enough points to get his hands on a rifle or shotgun, were able to use the weapon. And 'certainly exciting for any player, a part of the game, which began shooting zombies with heavy weapons on / off. Although the use of sharp weapons can be useful, will not have enough bullets in the gun, so that the knife is always the best choice. It will also help to save bullets, if you go against top-class zombies in the game.

Black Ops Call of Duty Zombie games are always much more fun to use the multiplayer functions. So if you're with friends it would be more attractive and easier! This acts as a good strategy for the simple things, because they can monitor the zombies and survival does not seem real challenge! That in a group will increase your chances of survival.

The best thing about the game Call of Duty strategy Zombie Black Ops is out to kill zombies in a variety of ways! One of the best ways to focus their feet, which makes them paralyzed, and they will be crawling. Therefore, they are not even a small threat to you. You'll also be able to collect more points and better, to buy high-powered weapons after shooting a zombie legs. Be sure to run high-speed, because the zombies are not paralyzed.

If the zombies running through any obstacle or injury, would be a great threat to you. Standing near the entrance you get a better chance of killing zombies easily, providing the knife / gun.

The Zombie Survival mode is set a challenge for you, your skills and strategies that are at stake. Shoot all the zombies your way through various obstacles and you can only do that through the tactics used! So keep your eyes open and busy place all of your strategies into practice.

Make sure you have a high level of communication with your team through the shift of investment points to the work port and correspondence in attack will be open for your survival. In addition, the weapon will be limited to the purchase. No luck in a field of random delay. Even though they cost about 950 points, would enjoy an exclusive weapon for you to kill zombies!

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