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carbon tax

Since the legislature to find ways to overcome the deficit further, there is a stream of proposals from all parties which gave rise to political disparities. One suggestion, it is proposed to introduce a carbon tax. Carbon tax will tax producers and users of products containing carbon dioxide, in an effort to combat carbon emissions and tax increases. Carbon tax was proposed as a replacement for the model cap-and-trade as a barrier to carbon emissions.

History of energy-related tax

in 1993, President Bill Clinton's proposed energy tax, which covers various aspects of energy consumption. However, the proposed tax is only by the Democrats (just passed the House, majority Democrats have been) argued, and not only to Congress. After a power failure, there is a lot of understanding of tax laws (except for lively campaign by former Democratic presidential candidate, Al Gore, Bush lost) to speak. But in the 2008 elections, GOP presidential candidate John McCain, the approach cap-and-trade to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Cap and trade model is equal to the energy tax would work. President Obama will not comment much about the cap and trade model in the campaign, but the model when the President took. But after the implementation of the CAP model-and-trade is the opposition (especially Republicans), is an ideal solution for climate protection certificates. Even Rep. Tim Pawlenty, the GOP candidate for president who has previously supported cap-and-trade model, he offered to apologize and withdraw support.

Carbon tax or cap and trade

supporting the carbon tax as a way to reduce carbon emissions. Tax imposed on those who use fossil fuels and other energy options that secure environment, while those with energy efficient and environmentally friendly energy are not subject to tax. However, see a cap-and-trade as a political supporter of this model is acceptable because it is "stamped" and "sell" such as taxes. Therefore, the introduction of a cap and trade is not seen as additional fees again. They are in some way, either through carbon taxes or cap and trade energy seems to be a problem twice.

What does the future hold?

The question of whether Congress passes the carbon tax or cap-drive model and-trade is still visible. But as a group twice as representatives to agree on how the public deficit, reduce taxes, energy, most likely on the table some areas look like they

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