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casey anthony verdict

Casey Anthony guilty of many things. It is a liar, greedy. A mother was indifferent. He Mooched years indulgent parents. Even after his missing daughter, Anthony and tattoo party. But the state of Florida is not a good thing that Anthony killed her daughter. In the version of Anthony, you just hit the Jury.

Finally, on 3 July arguments a prosecutor Jeff Ashton, said that the combination of chloroform and duct tape Caylee Anthony was murdered. But he could not say what came first; chloroform or ribbon to show his team will never be in a position that chloroform was used. Caylee body was found with duct tape on his face, but the band had no fingerprints or DNA. Ashton and finally resorted to claims that passive "band," he said, "it was set for the sole purpose of this murder is." But who exactly put the band? And you have planned? (The photos of Casey Anthony trial look.)

Anthony dropped because prosecutors could not answer this question. Because prosecutors have little physical evidence, their case designed to Anthony (almost invisible) moral character. The prosecutors seem to believe that if the jury saw what Anthony fantastic liar, would understand that there might be a killer.

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