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Las Vegas Weather

In contrast to what some people think, Las Vegas, have four more seasons. Yes, the seasons are different than you would experience in a state in the north, but they are still there. Let's see what they want.

Normal high temperatures in Las Vegas in the winter about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Every day more than normal is approximately 35 the lowest was recorded as low as 8 degrees. Temperature in winter is passed at 80 March. Las Vegas has not been a big snow storm in recent years, but in January 1979 in Las Vegas has received 9.9 cm of snow, and in January 1949 in Las Vegas was hit with 16.7 inches! January and February rather Ranieri most of the month, but still below average rain-inch.

High-Normal to Las Vegas in the spring begins about 70 degrees, and in the spring of high-end average of 100 Temperatures up to 116 at the end of spring was measured, it is only a short title of the highest temperature in Las Vegas in the past 80 years measured. Very dry spring in most years, less than half an inch in average.falling in April, May and June. The humidity is low and the Foundation in June.

High-normal summer in Las Vegas has more than 100, even if they after less than 100 1 September Increase the humidity in July and August, and the number of storms by about 3 per month for two months. The lowest was measured in the 50 years in September, but 80 is normal for July and August, dipping to 70 in mid-September.

The temperatures in autumn are falling faster than increases in the spring. Average daytime temperature is 99 to 1 September, from 1 December 60th If someone tells you to swim and sunbathe in Las Vegas in the fall season, it probably is not too late. The amount of rainfall less than in January, February, July or August.

There are two weather phenomena that potentially can be dangerous in Las Vegas (three if you are the snow storms Look rare but potentially crippling). One is the wind. Wind, at any time of the performance of the year, and gusts in the 90 included in the valley is the open shelves in Las Vegas winds rarely life threatening, but strong enough, you should note that if you enjoy nature here. Another problem that seriously flooded. Number of rain can raise the eyebrows in many places, because flooding in Las Vegas. In addition to a hard surface is not very absorbent, Las Vegas is in the valley like a bowl surrounded by mountains. The water flows from the high ground and collects in low areas. Be sure to flash flood watches and warnings, and if an emergency stay of the road during flood situations.

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