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monterey bay aquarium

A complete vacation with a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. With more than 550 different species of plants and animals, is sure to please all ages in your family. Monterey Bay Aquarium has received more than 1.8 million visitors a year since its opening in October 1984. You may find that it is better to issue or have your family to enjoy a relaxing stroll through the individual to visit their own pace. Water stored at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the water used comes directly from the Monterey Bay, and this helps to feed the many animals shows how it contains plankton.

If you have a little anxiety that can seize one of the tanks in order to convince them that they where only 3-13 cm in width and does not break. You will notice that contains only the aquarium animals and plants found in Monterey Bay shows. In addition, you will not find the exhibition include a whale, dolphin or sea lion. To the idea that it is better to promote it to see in their natural habitat in the Gulf, and sometimes you can see, some of them from the deck of the aquarium. Cameras and videos are welcome, even if I ask you, aquarium look for signs that the power was turned off the flash on, because they violate some animals can not use rough or flashing lights. Your family will enjoy the afternoon, the animals that do not normally get to see a glimmer, and appreciate the memories of this animal yeas to come.

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