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Most Betty Ford Republicans Are Democrats

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton conceded their programs so that they could attend the funeral today for the former First Lady Betty Ford, I really hope that Laura Bush, who occupied the White House after Clinton and Obama, the first, a look - but I would not be surprised if he was not his.

Democrats Clinton and Obama. Ford a Republican his whole life is like Bush. It should not matter, because the former fraternity president (and I think the student ex-First Lady) has always two sides. But that is a polarized, hyper-partisan politics on that date in history, that Bush does not live a farewell audience of his ancestors in many places, be seen as a rejection of the Betty Ford himself.

Too bad. Honest, down to earth and modest, despite a privileged upbringing and two young beauty recently, the New York model, Betty Ford almost single-handedly defeated the stigma that still millions of dealing with problems from cancer to alcohol and drug abuse. Each piece is as lucky as the man to count his blessings.

But the fact is that Betty Ford has always been a Republican, was banished to the far edge of his party today. You might also Log Cabin Republicans where I hang.

Imagine what would Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann say, a Republican like Mrs. Ford, who support the right to abortion and the Equal Rights Amendment luck. Imagine what would Mrs. Ford, the Republicans, who acknowledged the efforts by the current charges and the constitutional rights of women, again and again by the Supreme Court by out defunding Planned Parenthood, or the requirement that ultrasound women and the first Conference of the propaganda they are capable of, medical assistance, legal services are available.

The Ford is a time when a civil right is not really a question of the party. Civil Rights Act of 1964 by more than 80 percent of Republican votes in both the House and Senate. Democrats, who dominated in the days of the South, taking advantage of a much smaller number. Contrast the current controversy about gay marriage, where Democrats far outnumber the group (but growing) proportion of Republican supporters, while many of the lawmakers in parties quietly waiting, the court, the problem disappears.

Women like Bachmann and Palin are too young to remember when abortion was illegal and women who can not or do not, sometimes to die with unwanted pregnancies. Abortion opponents are honest, committed and good intentions - the points are rarely recognized by the pro-choice - but do not have the experience that a woman of the generation of Ford grew up in the 20th Century, Michigan White, the former first lady only too well what the "good girl" who is "in trouble" is often only the happiest of their children in secret.

Generations of pro-choice Republicans are literally dying, and the party had too much to have an anti-abortion agenda for the young pro-choice people, identified to replace them. To varying degrees, this process repeats itself the whole range of problems that are now often referred to as a "clash of civilizations".

This change is the Bush family. George H.W. Bush favored abortion rights as a member of Congress before them has said that steps toward a race for the GOP presidential nomination. His son, George W. Bush, who presented the public face, has a lot of socially conservative. AND W. women, although it is clearly less conservative than her husband, carefully avoiding contradictory attitude in the public.

This makes the absence of Laura Bush from seeing today's Ford service as a rejection of a woman with whom the law is not very useful, especially because the mother-in-law, former First Lady Barbara Bush, not the plans to participate. They can for the 86 years of Bush, Nancy Reagan, who has just its 90th to pay birthday this week, during a meeting today. Reagan, First Lady of the oldest, it is the wife of the President of the Republic to be that way.

Gerald Ford once described his political philosophy as "moderate in domestic affairs, an internationalist in foreign policy, and conservative financial policy." It may not always agree with the views of his wife, but can be as President Ford republicanism tolerant, respectful and inclusive.

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