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What is the Tour de France?

One could say: "It's easy, it's Bicycle Race." And most of you would be correct, it is. But much more real. Tour de France to test the strength of character, of mind over body, the central challenge of resistance. Tour de France tests for the human will, determination and perseverance. As the Olympic Games, the Tour de France invites people from all over the world compete to see who has the will, inner strength, athletic ability and willingness to perform a superhuman level.

Tour de France reminds us of our own challenge to the power and will. It's just that Lance Armstrong won seven times this event. Of course, it put up on the list of the best athletes in the period we are now, but no more. This shows us that anything is possible, that is, if you are willing to make sacrifices and go to any problem. And "touching, like Lance Armstrong, the American public fell in love with Rocky. A story of every athlete, no one can tell a story of the rain has to be understood. Superman, who came more than Kryptonite, not because he wanted fame, but because. He was there, the mountains competition, Tour de France and even cancer in the way he struck the contrast with the will and the shear strength and now has shown us why. "We need to live strong"

Tour de France is a race is one that the human soul has tried. This is the Tour de France. Although Lance Armstrong is easy to see when you look closely you can see that it is not easy. And it does so with a little help from his friends, with a little help from his Discovery Channel team. Even at the end of a man who had something to say, the competition and makes the seemingly impossible. We must ask ourselves if Lance Armstrong can, you can certainly increase have a good family, you can definitely succeed in all our lives and we can certainly improve.

The story of Lance Armstrong is a rag to riches story. He came from behind, got up, was shot down and refused to surrender to difficulties. Today is the good part, on the podium in Jersey, the color of the sun and "more problems, the strength of the integrated 'character', is the average of any male. Now is a good example to show that something can be done if you work hard, play fair and not always, never, never give We have so few examples, like Lance Armstrong, .. Modern day heroes who really inspire a nation, in the case of Lance Armstrong, who inspired the world.

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